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We’re on a mission to help everyday experts build businesses that last.

Whether you’re working on your first $10k, $100k, or even $1M as an online course creator, inside our online programs, we offer step-by-step strategies and personalized support to help you build a profitable business you love.

Hey! I’m Melissa 👋


And even though I loved my work, like many of you, I felt called to do something bigger. I wanted to do meaningful work and earn a comfortable living, but I knew success for me was much deeper than my bottom line. It meant making a difference, spending time with family and loved ones, and pursuing my own version of a full, prosperous life. 

That’s why I started Wit & Wire, so I could demystify today’s top course creation strategies and help more compassionate creators build profitable online businesses doing work they love. 

And today, students regularly tell me that our programs are the best they’ve ever taken.

I’m a course creation expert and solopreneur with a pretty unique backstory.

Not only have I taught thousands of students and built my own $500k+ course business, but I’ve also been fortunate to work for some of the biggest names in course creation:

  • Director of Marketing at Teachable, the popular course creation software
  • Sr. Course Launch Manager for Ramit Sethi, NY Times Best Selling Author
  • Top-Rated Instructor at General Assembly NYC, 100+ workshops taught
  • Top-Rated Instructor on Skillshare, 6,000+ students enrolled

Introducing the Course Lifecycle Method™

Our research shows that the most effective way to create a $100k+ online course is by using different teaching and marketing strategies at each stage of growth in order to earn consistently and sustainably over time:



Make sure your course has long-term profit potential by developing your MVP course experience and enrolling your first paid cohort of Founding Students. 


Enroll more students, incorporate suggested feedback, and solidify your course experience to maximize results. Automate delivery and collect testimonials. 


Enroll more students, incorporate suggested feedback, and solidify your course experience to maximize results. Automate delivery and collect testimonials. 


Scale your revenue by increasing traffic to your proven offer. Personalize your unique mix of organic, paid, and partnership channels to enroll students on autopilot year-round.


Want to learn more about the Course Lifecycle Method™?

Watch Melissa explain the full framework in-depth in our free Course Creation Masterclass, where you'll learn how to add $20k/mo to your business as an online course creator so you can stop trading time for money and make a bigger impact with consistent, passive income. 

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The Wit & Wire Way

These aren’t just our company values. They’re also our core beliefs about what it means to be a successful online business owner.


Earn intentionally

We believe that your knowledge isn’t just valuable; it’s profitable. 

Our goal is to help you earn a comfortable living sharing your in-demand skills & passions with the world.

Deliver exceptionally

We measure our success in testimonials, not just sales numbers. 

That’s why we take the time to offer proactive, personalized support. It matters (and it pays) to be thoughtful.

Scale sustainably

You don’t need to “do it all” to be a successful entrepreneur. 

Instead, we help business owners grow with strategic automation and time-saving systems so you can earn with ease.

Live abundantly

We want to help you dream big and thrive as an entrepreneur.

And a successful business should give you the flexibility and freedom to design a life you love, both in and out of work.

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