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How to write your first blog post

Ok, not the kind of fear I feel when I imagine watching the Saw movies. (NO THANKS.) It's more of a vulnerability or a worry that my blog won't be good enough.

I've held onto this image of the “perfect blog post” for a while. In my mind, I thought the wording needed to be perfect. The topic had to be a perfect reflection of the top SEO trends on the internet. The pacing and storytelling should feel almost effortless as I wow you with words.

….but then I read some other blogs. And I realized that I kind of sort of don’t read them that closely.

But wait wait wait, before you skim this blog post (or leave me because you just found out I’m a terrible skimming sort of human), I have something important to say. Realizing that I skim most blog posts helped me free myself from this impossible ideal I’ve held onto for years. (Yes, years. I had a blog back in 2015 and shut ‘er down, but that’s a story for another day.)

It's freeing to realize that nobody cares a whole ton about my word choice and exactly how I say the things I say. (Except you because you’re brilliant and perfect.)

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