Which comes first: audience or product?


After watching thousands of online course businesses launch using Teachable, there’s a big question I keep coming back to. “When I’m starting something new, should I focus on building a product to sell, or an audience to sell to?” It feels like a “chicken or the egg” scenario, and I’m sure businesses have taken both approaches. But before we get ahead of ourselves and weigh out the pros and cons, what does it mean to build an audience or a product when it comes to online businesses anyway? Option 1: Start with an audience Who is your audience? When we talk about your online business audience, we’re talking about your email subscribers, blog readers, podcast listeners, social media followers, and …

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Introducing Wit & Wire, a new resource for podcasters


I can’t believe I’m starting a blog.

Scratch that – I can’t believe I’m starting my another blog.

But let me back up and introduce myself.

My super quick bio

Hiii! I’m Melissa, founder of Wit + Wire and reader of #allthebooks. 

By day, I’m the Head of Marketing Engagement at Teachable, an online platform that lets anyone create and sell their own online courses. 

I’m also the host of Everything is Teachable, our podcast that takes you behind-the-scenes to learn how everyday creators have transformed their skills and passions into online businesses.

I’m here to teach you how to podcast with the best of ‘em. But to start, let’s ask why Wit + Wire launched in 2019 instead of 2015, which is when I first thought, “Hey, what if I started a podcast?”

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