Podcast Marketing Essentials

coming in 2020

How can you find more listeners for your podcast?

Whether you’ve already launched your podcast or you’re just getting started, have you done everything you can do to maximize your marketing efforts?

If you’re like most new podcasters, marketing is a totally foreign planet. Which social media channels are working? Do you need a website? And how can you really find new listeners (and customers)?!

In this self-paced online course, we’ll walk through the essentials of podcast marketing to help you find more great listeners and grow your audience and influence. If you’re a new podcaster, we’ll help you create an initial launch plan, and if you’re a current podcaster, we’ll help you create a weekly marketing plan, as well as a bigger-picture strategy.

Here's what you'll learn...

Section 1: Marketing foundations

  • Identify your ideal listener so we you can create and share the right content with the right people
  • Identify Your Unique Podcast Proposition (UPP) to clarify how you stand out from the pack
  • Name your podcast (if applicable)

Section 2: Your podcast identity

  • Podcast artwork (how to create or outsource)
  • Understanding keywords, and how to use them to your advantage as a podcaster
  • Episode naming strategy
  • How to write a strong podcast description
  • Podcast categories (and how to choose yours)

Section 3: Your podcast website

  • What is your website’s goal? (And why you definitely need a website!)
  • Podcast hosting platforms vs. websites; what’s the difference?
  • Decide which type of website strategy is right for your podcast, especially if you have an existing website.
  • Learn which pages you'll need for your site, and what each should include
  • Episode show notes (and why you need them)
  • Transcriptions (optional)
  • Short link strategy

Section 4: Email marketing for podcasters

  • Should you use email marketing for your podcast?
  • Email marketing 101 (if you’ve never used email marketing before)
  • How to get leads via your podcast
  • How to engage your podcast listeners via email
  • BONUS: email marketing templates you can steal!

Section 5: Social media marketing for podcasters

  • How to decide which social media channels are right for you. (Hint: "all of them" is not a good strategy!)
  • Easy graphic creation tutorial
  • How to make moving wave graphics for your podcast
  • Instagram for podcasters
  • Pinterest for podcasters
  • Twitter for podcasters
  • YouTube for podcasters (do’s and don’ts)
  • LinkedIn for podcasters
  • Facebook pages for podcasters
  • Facebook groups for podcasters

Section 6: More marketing strategies

  • What's a tour? (And how to do it)
  • Promo swaps 101
  • Features & guest promos
  • How to promote in existing communities
  • Offline opportunities
  • Paid ads - do they work? (optional)

⭐ Bonus Section: New Podcast Launch Strategy ⭐

  • For new podcasters, learn how to create your launch strategy and calendar
  • How to strategically use a podcast trailer to build buzz and attract early listeners
  • How to find your first listeners
  • How to get your first reviews
  • How to encourage people to subscribe to your podcast

And by the end of the program, you’ll either have your first podcast listeners, or a new group of excited, engaged listeners!

This is your fast-track to growing your podcast audience and – as a result – your opportunities for your life and business.

coming later in 2020

Podcast Marketing Essentials is coming soon!

Learn how to market new podcast episodes and increase your exposure to grow your podcast audience and influence. Great for brand new or early-stage podcasters, as well as podcasters struggling to increase their per-episode downloads.

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