Stress-Free Podcast Production

In this self-paced program, I’ll teach you how to prep, record, edit, and publish high-impact podcast episodes that create raving fans (and even buyers). 

Perfect for pre-launch and early-stage podcasters, or anyone hoping to become a podcast VA.

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Success Story

"Wow! I cannot believe in 9 weeks, I actually published my first podcast, Golden Voices."

“From the moment the course started, Melissa’s step by step curriculum is easy to follow and allows students to work at their own pace.

Melissa is a wealth of knowledge and I love her enthusiasm about podcasting. I love her honesty about products and other programs that help podcasters create, edit and publish their podcasts. She is always going above and beyond to make extra time for her students, and most importantly she believes in her students’ work!”


Golden Voices Podcast

Producing a great podcast is all in the details.

This course will teach you the exact processes that I’ve used for my own podcast and my clients’ podcasts, which range in size from 50 downloads per episode to 25,000 downloads per episode. 

You’ll learn how to prep, record, edit, and publish with ease, and whether you’re preparing to launch or you’ve released a handful of episodes, my hope is that this program will help you expand your audience while still saving you time. 


A Peek Inside the Program

Microphones & equipment

You don’t need to spend thousands to sound like a pro. I’ll recommend the exact tools and equipment I use and love, with options at affordable price points.

Prepare binge-worthy episodes​

The best marketer in the world can’t save a blah podcast. You’ll learn how to come up with endless episode topics, and then prep the ideas your audience will love most. (Works for solo, cohosts, interview, anything!)

Record like a pro (no tech savvy needed)

Buying the right microphone is just the first step. In this section, I’ll teach you how to actually USE it, including tips for both in-person and remote recordings.

Edit your podcast... or outsource it

Many of my students have been surprised by how simple the editing process can be. However, if you already know this isn’t your thing – and self-awareness is a beautiful thing! – I’ll offer tips and referrals to my favorite affordable editors.

Publish your episodes like a marketer​

Your episode title, description, and promotional material are your episode’s first impression. Let’s learn how to grab attention and get listeners excited about tuning in.

Get organized for the long term

The most successful podcasters are the ones who commit to the process and consistently release great content. 

Join Stress-Free Podcast Production

Join today to start producing binge-worthy podcast episodes your listeners will love.

"It literally changed my life. "

It enabled me to launch my podcast, Pretty Little Leader, in 2 months. Launching the podcast led to speaking events and much more. 

Melissa‘s ability to break down each individual task is truly amazing. Trust me you will enjoy it!”


Pretty Little Leader Podcast

"An amazing blueprint of how to successfully execute my podcast."

“I had a strong idea but no technical know-how. Melissa (Wit & Wire) provided me with an amazing blueprint of how to successfully execute my podcast, clearly & concisely, in a very short amount of time.

I felt supported & confident in my launch. It was an awesome experience, highly recommend.”


Pony Pod – A Traveling Performers Podcast


Hey! I'm Melissa 👋🏾

It’s nice to meet you. I’m the founder of Wit & Wire, and over the last two years, my podcasts have reached thousands of listeners and hit six-figure downloads (listens), including Wit & Wire (my podcast for podcasters) and Everything is Teachable. I also reached the #2 Career Podcast in America for Everything is Teachable.

On top of that, my clients’ and students’ podcasts have been downloaded over 3 million times, so I’ve had experience serving podcasters of all niches and sizes.

It’s my passion for teaching that brought me to start a podcast in the first place, and I founded Wit & Wire to help more passionate, diverse creators like you expand their impact and income through podcasting.

Why you should trust me:

The face of a woman who needs coffee.

This is for you if...

Join Stress-Free Podcast Production

Join today to start producing binge-worthy podcast episodes your listeners will love.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

I’m really proud of the high-quality programs we produce here at Wit & Wire, and it’s important to me that you feel confident and excited about joining this program.

That’s why we offer a full 14 days to explore this program and all the bonuses, completely risk-free. If you still aren’t satisfied, email us within 14 days of your enrollment and we’ll refund your purchase.​

Frequently Asked Questions

No tech experience necessary! I know the equipment and jargon can feel intimidating, but I’ll walk you through the need-to-know essentials, and I’ll also tell you what you DON’T need to worry about. I’m a pro, so I’m here to help and simplify everything for you. And trust me, you can do it.

Definitely! I’m confident that this program will work for any podcast topic, as long as you start by making sure that your topic has demand.

And by the way, I’ve had students start podcasts on everything from witchcraft to leadership to traveling performers, so I’m confident that it will work for you, too.

If you’re looking to streamline your prep, recording, editing, and publishing, then this program is a great pick. My hope is that you’ll save time, improve your episode quality, and ultimately grow your podcast much faster thanks to the proven strategies included in this program.

You’ll have lifetime access to the program content (videos, workbooks) for as long as you need,

Plus, your enrollment includes lifetime updates, so whenever there are changes, your material will be automatically updated, too. (And I really do update the content! With a rapidly changing podcasting world, I’m always on the lookout for updates to share with my students.)

That puts you a step ahead of the game! In the Podcast Kickstart Program, you worked through your concept and got a sneak peek into my favorite equipment and tools.

But in Stress-Free Podcast Production, I’ll help you actually take that concept and turn it into a real, published podcast. 

Yes, we do. If you are unsatisfied with this program, email us within 14 days of your purchase and we will issue you a refund.

Still have questions? Email us at and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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