Starting a great podcast takes more than just a good microphone.

In this course, I'll help you find your unique point of view and start a podcast that empowers others, builds your authority, attracts loyal fans, and makes a difference.

Many aspiring podcasters have dreamed about launching their new show for a long time. They're excited to share their passions and expertise with the world - but there’s a problem.

They're asking the wrong questions.

  • Their topic has already been done, so they feel imposter-y about starting a podcast when there are already so many successful long-time podcasts that exist in that space.

  • They’ve thought about starting for weeks - or maybe months or years! - but they feel paralyzed not knowing where to begin.
  • They have no idea which microphones and equipment to use, and a lot of the tech sounds overwhelming. (WTF is an RSS feed?!)
  • They’ve never recorded audio before, but they know they want it to sound professional, and not like they’re recording in their living room (even though, ahem, they totally are).

If you’re reading this, I know today isn’t the first day you’ve thought about starting your podcast.

You have such valuable experiences and expertise that need to be shared. But when it comes to actually buying a microphone or sitting down to start working on your first episodes - if that’s even the first step?! - it probably feels something like this:

Good news: I've got a plan.

Jada C

"This course confirmed the path I am taking is the right one. The lessons were short, comprehensible and encouraging along the way."

Lixcy V

"What helped me the most was the simplicity of the crash course. I didn’t need to read long amounts of text to understand what I needed to get done and how. That has helped make the process less overwhelming and gave me a sense of actually being able to start a podcast for real."

Jessie S

"The fact you took your time to teach in deep detail. I just love the information given to answer my many questions. I feel like I can start a podcast confidently now because of this course."

Felicia W

"The fluidity and continuity of your course was seamless! You have a knack of simplifying complex issues that place your listeners at ease."

I know you've seen other people talking about their podcasts on Instagram. Maybe you've thought to yourself, "If she can do this, why couldn't I?" Maybe you're even a little bit jealous, wishing you had that kind of success, too.

Because how would your life and business change if you could reach a wider audience and become known as the go-to woman in your industry?

Or how would it feel if you could easily move past this stressful “agh, what do I do first?” phase within just a few DAYS and finally start recording your first podcast episodes by this time next week?

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I want you to feel empowered and confident about starting your podcast.

Your story needs to be shared, and the world needs your voice. That's why I'm here to help you cut through the overwhelm and build a strong foundation for your show before you hit record. I'll help you...


I'd hate for you to launch a podcast that doesn't have growth potential. Plus, today more than ever it's important to not just choose a topic, but to have a real point of view. 


Microphones, recording, and RSS feeds are some of the most intimidating parts of the process for many new podcasters. I'll simplify and cut through the noise to recommend all the tech you need (at any budget).


I don't just want you to plan. I want you to act! This isn't a theory course; you'll be doing exercises and taking action throughout.

And this doesn’t just come from my personal experience.

I’ve researched chart-topping podcasts across all genres and formats to learn what they all had in common. And I took those insights and started sharing them with students.

And now?

Over 300 students have used my proven formula to start their podcasts in 2020.

Dystany M

"It made me feel empowered that this is just more than a thought but could be a reality."


"Very Informative! You helped me gather all of my thoughts, and place them in order!"

Mia H

"I appreciate the concise information provided in a way that’s simple enough to grasp for newcomers like me. Linking to the equipment and software is also VERY helpful because I know I’m choosing the correct item."

Alysha M

"The simplicity of the program & your workbook was very helpful with writing everything  out. It truly helped materialize & also refine my vision for my podcast even more."


"The flipping blueprint. I have a PLAN! YAY! I have so many notes. THANK YOU!!"


"So much great information. Easy to follow and easy to put into practice. The workbook is great! And I love the Mic & Equipment recommendations."

And now, I’m ready to help you finally launch your dream podcast like a pro.


The Podcast Kickstart Program

Our step-by-step guide to help you start a podcast that has real growth potential. One that will elevate your expertise and help you create personalized connections with a wider audience.

By the end of the program, you’ll have clarity on your goals, topic, name, format, and all the equipment you need to start recording ASAP without feeling overwhelmed.

Jasmine P

"Everything made sense and you gave so much extra info then expected aside from the basic podcast info. I haven't even found much of this info on youtube."

Carla J

"I have been thinking about it for a while and researching online. But this put it all together, answered my questions and helped me decided exactly how to start. "

Unlike other programs you may have seen, I don’t believe that step one is to buy a microphone and hope for the best.

What really sets this program apart is my experience as a marketer, not just as a podcaster. While most programs only focus on the logistics, like microphones or RSS feeds, it’s important to me that I help you start by figuring out not just your topic, but your unique point of view.

Because in an increasingly crowded podcast marketplace, it’s critical to ask yourself, “Why would someone choose MY podcast out of alllllll the many podcasts out there on this same topic?”

On top of that, I’m also a seasoned teacher, with over 6,000 students who have taken my online and digital classes over the last 5 years.

So whether you’re a true beginner or a savvy business owner, I’ll break things down clearly and efficiently to help you start recording ASAP with confidence.

What’s included in the program?


Your Goals

> Find clarity on your goals & purpose as a podcaster, including reflection on if and how earning money fits into your goals.

> Work through your concept ideas to not only choose a topic you’re passionate about, but one that has a validated audience and growth potential

wit and wire podcast


Your Podcast Concept

> Get inside your ideal listener’s mind. When you understand why she’s tuning in and what she needs from you, you’ll be able to craft your Winning Podcast Formula and eventually turn that into the elevator pitch you’ll share with guests or prospective partners.

> Identify your Unique Podcast Proposition (UPP), which is the real magic behind standing out from the podcast crowd


Your Brand

> Choose your show format (from 5 choices) and pick a strong podcast name from 3 proven strategies, one that will attract your ideal podcast listener and make her excited to recommend your show to her friends.

> Craft a search-engine-friendly podcast description that will attract the right listeners to your podcast using not just strong copy, but tested keyword research.


Your Equipment

> To help you bring your podcast to life, we’ll also include our complete guide to microphones, headphones, DAWs, podcast hosting platforms, and remote recording tools.  (And if you’re thinking “DA-what now?” I promise I’ll walk you through it.)

> For each piece of equipment, I always offer budget options. You can easily start a podcast with under $100 in equipment. No $500 mics on this list.


You’ll walk away with a strategic Podcast Plan that you’ll use again and again to help you make decisions about your podcast from Episode 1 to Episode 101.

Plus, I’m including three limited-time bonuses!

The core program includes everything you’ll need to confidently create your foundational podcast strategy. But I want to take things one step further with three free bonuses to help you put your plans into motion and start recording ASAP.


Podcast Artwork that Pops

Your Podcast Artwork is usually your first impression on new listeners, and as more and more podcasts are released, having strong graphics are becoming increasingly critical.

Even if you aren’t a designer, I’ll teach you about Apple’s core podcast artwork guidelines to make sure your podcast is approved in their directories.

But beyond that, I’ll teach you about what makes a great podcast graphic, and how to either create your own or outsource it.


RSS Simplified: Podcast Distribution for Beginners

Have you ever stopped to think about how your .mp3 file gets out to Apple, Spotify, and all major directories?

The answer is your RSS feed, but for many new podcasters, this tech-intensive part of podcasting is an uncomfortable and totally foreign concept.

But good news: it’s much simpler than it sounds. You just need someone to cut through the noise and simplify things, so that’s exactly what I’m here to do.

This program and checklist will teach you why your RSS feed is so important, and how to create one. Then I'll teach you about the tools you need and how to get approved in Apple, Spotify, Google, and all other major directories.


Look Before You Launch: Podcast Launch Checklist & Strategy

Your podcast launch day is huge, and I want to use my experience to help you do key things:

1. As a marketer, I want to help you build buzz and excitement around your launch, to attract as many early listeners as possible, and

2. As a project manager, I want to set you up with a clear plan. I want you to have systems and a clear checklist in place so that you aren’t immediately overwhelmed when your podcast goes live.

So in this course, I’ll walk through everything you’ll need to do before your podcast goes live, including checklists and a project management tracker (in Google Sheets) to make sure you’re checking off before the big day.

I know that your voice needs to be heard. You have experience and perspective that no one else has, and I'd hate for you to spend even longer wondering how your life could've changed, if only you'd just started that podcast you've been dreaming about.

And after recently revamping the program - and adding a ton of new bonuses! - I wanted to make this offer a no-brainer.

That’s why instead of the standard course price of $97,
for a very limited time I’m offering this updated program

for $27.

You’ll get instant lifetime access to the core program and workbook, plus all 3 bonuses.

In fact, I bet I’ll save you the $27 by using my recommended equipment and tools alone.

But don't take my word for it.

Here's what a few more of my 300+ students have to say...

Marithé M

"What I liked the most was that it was very straight to the point and very clear. I'm still working up my courage to start so this gave me what I needed, structure without a big investment in time or money."

Alysha M

"I love how you simplify  the daunting world of podcasting into more bite-size concepts."

Suhaily R

"I like the step by step approach helping us to understand te steps to follow into creating our or working on creating our own podcast."

Lexi W

"It felt like it led me in the right direction to open up my mind and let all the ideas out!"

Monica M

"It helped me narrow down my ideas and what I wanted in my podcast."

Taria B

"The printable workbook is great to take notes and to use to reference later."

Valerie C

"Being able to find who I was speaking to was the biggest takeaway and the push I needed to start recording my podcast."

Celine W

"Easy to understand. Straight to the point. Wasn't fluffy or rude or beating around the bush. I appreciate the honesty and clarity."

Jacinda H

"Your voice,  your style, personality, authenticity and your easy concise well explained non-intimidating content. Your school is even set up with very inviting colours and great flow! I really enjoyed listening and actually doing the thought provoking work in the workbook. I could not put it down!"

"I am a HARD sale, and with everyone pushing this course and that course on you, I really appreciated, enjoyed and respect your podcasting course. "



I’m really proud of the high-quality programs we produce here at Wit & Wire, and it’s important to me that you feel confident and excited about joining this program. But since I’ve worked in the online course space for 5+ years, I also understand that not all courses are created equally. So I completely get it if you're feeling skeptical or concerned.

That’s why we offer a full 14 days to explore this program and all the bonuses, completely risk-free. If you still aren’t satisfied, just email us within 14 days of your enrollment and we’ll refund your purchase.

Who's this girl behind the mic?

Hey! I’m Melissa, the founder of Wit & Wire. Over the last two years, I’ve produced and hosted podcasts that have been downloaded over 100,000 times.

(I host Wit & Wire, for podcasters, and Teachable’s podcast, Everything is Teachable.)

Outside the microphone, I’ve been an online (and in-person) teacher since 2015, with a combined 6,000+ students in my classes and workshops. Teaching is my passion, and I love to take the stress out of pursuing creative dreams.

And here’s the thing. After spending hours and hours forever and ever learning how to produce a successful podcast, I knew I couldn’t be the only one looking for better resources. That’s why I started helping students launch podcasts that make a difference, and I’m on a mission to help diversify and amplify women and minority voices in podcasting.

melissa guller wit and wire

The program is perfect for you if...

  • You’ve been dreaming of starting your own podcast for a long time, you just didn’t know where to start.

  • You know you want your podcast to make an impact, but you’re worried about growing an audience because your audience isn’t crazy huge right now. (At least, not yet!)

  • You’ve got a few ideas about your name or early episodes, but you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed.
  • You’re totally lost about all this technology. You just want someone to tell you which microphone to pick and how to set it up and be done with this once and for all.

  • You want a step-by-step plan to make sure you do this right the first time. 

  • You’re looking for new ways to pursue your passions or position yourself as an expert, and you have a gut feeling that podcasting is just the thing for you. 

Don’t let another year go by before you launch your podcast.

Every day you wait is another missed opportunity to reach new audiences of listeners and clients, so the sooner you start, the sooner your next opportunity will come knocking on your door.


Here's a recap of everything you're getting when you join the Podcast Kickstart Program…

  • Identify your podcast goals (value = $27)

  • Validate demand and set your concept (value = $27)

  • Name your podcast and write your description (value = $27)

  • Complete podcast equipment guide (value = $27)
  • BONUS: Look Before You Launch (value = $97)

  • BONUS: RSS Simplified (value = $47)

  • BONUS: Podcast Artwork that Pops (value = $47)

Total Value = $299
Today’s Price = $27

Here’s the truth.

Right now is the perfect time to launch your podcast, because they’re trending but not yet overdone. But this opportunity is slim, and 2020 will bring a lot of change to the podcast industry. So if you’ve ever thought about launching a podcast, then this. is. your. shot.

So are you ready to be the next big name in podcasting?

Because I’m ready to help you take the first step, right now.

Copyright © 2020 Melissa Guller. All Rights Reserved.

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