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Podcasts are an amazing way to show off your skills, build your brand - and your network! - and connect with your audience in a real, personal way.

The problem is that podcasting isn’t super intuitive, and it can take a lot of time and energy to figure it out on your own. 

And I know you don’t just want to produce a blah bland podcast. You want to sound professional. You want to sound like you’ve been talking into a microphone your whole life, you’re such a natural. Listeners will think, ”whoa, this girl knows her stuff.”

So I’m here to help you get outta that podcast rut and finally launch your show with confidence and assurance that you’re on the right track. Or if you’ve already launched, I’ll help ease the overwhelm that can often come with ongoing podcast production.

podcast launch services

Launch Your Podcast

projects start at $697

Now that I’ve launched multiple podcasts and produced dozens of episodes, I’ve figured out that there are key decisions and processes that all new podcasters will need to take to launch a top-rated show.

In this 4-8 week partnership, I’ll help you…

  • Clarify your goals and ideal target listener
  • Validate your topic & podcast name
  • Choose the right show format, and script out your episode flow
  • Find your first guests (if needed)
  • Get your gear
  • Record your first three episodes
  • Edit your own episodes (see below for editing services, packaged separately)
  • Find your theme music and sort out your music licensing
  • Create your podcast graphic (or help you outsource)
  • Upload your audio into your podcast host (create your RSS feed)
  • Submit your show to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more

Ongoing podcast production


Producing a consistently great podcast is no joke. From sourcing guests, to recording & editing, to creating the marketing collateral (show notes, emails, etc), to weekly metrics reports, to just managing the entire process and keeping track of deadlines, there’s so much to do.

As your podcast producer, I can take on any number of the standard weekly tasks to free up your time to get back to producing great work. The pricing varies based on what you’d like to outsource to a pro, so we’ll create a custom package based on your exact needs. (TL:DR; I can help with as much or as little is needed!)

Podcast growth packages

projects start at $497

One of the biggest challenges all podcasters – and business owners! – will face is growing your audience. And I won’t lie to you; increasing your podcast listenership can’t happen overnight.

But after producing podcasts for two years, I’ve started to learn what works and what doesn’t. And on top of that, I’m a very data-driven marketer by profession, so I’m an experienced pro at analyzing what’s working (and what isn’t).

If you’re interested in growing your audience and getting your voice out there to even more subscribers, let’s chat! (Growth package pricing varies based on the project scope.)

Podcast production audit

projects start at $297

You’ve got your concept (yay!) but….now what? We’ll bring your idea to life by hooking you up with the right gear, audio host, project management tools & processes (as needed), and an episode checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing. 

This is also the right choice for you if you’re a current podcaster drowning in logistics and need a project management nerd to hook you up and make life 100x easier.

marketing automation

How Does It Work?

1. Hit me up

Email me so I can learn more about your needs, hopes, and dreams. (And if you aren’t 100% on what you need – but know you need something – that’s ok too! We’ll chat it out.

2. No-stress phone call

Transparency and clear expectations are important to me, so I want to give you the opportunity to ask me anything. (And I’ll be honest to make sure we’re the right mutual fit! I’d never just sell you hard to make a buck.) Together we’ll figure out what’s right for you

3. Magic ✨

Once we put a ring on it, I’ll follow up with clear action items and weekly reports so that you know exactly what I’m working on to solve your problems and make your biz life even better.

kind wordS

how can I help?

Still don't see what you need?

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, I’d be happy to help! Get in touch and I can share either blog posts or free resources to get you started, or we can see if there’s an opportunity to work together on whatever your little podcasting heart desires.


Join our 7-day Podcast Kickstart Series for new podcasters

In just one week, we’ll help you set your goals, find your Unique Podcast Proposition, choose your podcast format, name your podcast, and find the right microphone and equipment for any budget.


Hey! I’m Melissa, the podcast producer and Excel nerd running things behind the scenes.

I’m here to help creators expand their reach and revenue through podcasting, which means providing free resources as well as courses and services to help you launch or grow your show. I’m so glad you’re here!

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Where should we send your checklist?

Btw, we’ll include the rest of the freebies, too :)