5-Star Podcast Launch

In this self-paced program, I'll teach you how to prep, record, edit, and publish high-impact podcast episodes that create raving fans.

...even if you have no audio production experience, no social media following, no industry connections, or no idea where to start.

Launching a podcast is one of the best ways to connect with a larger audience, reach more people with your message, and even expand your revenue potential for your business or brand.

But unless you have audio production experience, you may struggle when it comes to actually preparing, recording, editing, and publishing your own show. 😕

do any of these sound familiar?

“I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast, but I have no idea where to start.

“Uhhh, what microphone do I need? What’s an audio interface? How do I create an RSS feed? I’ve read dozens of blog posts and I’m even more confused now than I was when I started. EEK HALP ME.”

“It feels like I’m putting so much work into my brand and business, but what’s making an impact? I feel depressed looking at the (low) number of likes or interactions I’m getting on Instagram lately. Am I really reaching anyone?”

“There are soooo many podcasts out there. Would anyone really listen to mine?

hey! I'm melissa.

It’s nice to meet you. I’m the founder of Wit & Wire, and over the last two years, I’ve produced and hosted podcasts that have been downloaded over 100,000 times.

(The two you might’ve heard of are Wit & Wire, for podcasters, and Teachable’s podcast, Everything is Teachable.)

Outside the microphone, I’ve been an online (and in-person) teacher since 2015, with a combined 4000+ students in my classes and workshops.

But here’s the thing. After spending hours and hours forever and ever learning how to produce a successful podcast, I knew I couldn’t be the only one looking for better resources.

But on top of the impact I’ve had with listeners, being a podcaster has benefitted me in so many ways. You can...

Establish yourself as an authority in your space

By hosting your own podcast, you immediately position yourself as an expert in your field. And the longer your podcast is in production, the higher your credibility can grow.

Connect with influencers in your industry

Interviewing guests is one of the most authentic ways to network with other people in your space. You're giving them a great platform to share their teachings or perspective, and it creates such great value for everyone involved.

Reach new audiences

You can't read a book while you drive, and you can't watch a YouTube video while you cook. Audio is the perfect medium because you can listen while you commute, cook, or clean, so it's no surprise that podcast listenership just continues to rise.

Form meaningful relationships (and real friendships)

I met one of my closest friends by cold emailing her to be a guest on my podcast. When I sent that fateful email two years ago, I could never have known that we'd go on to collaborate and become real friends!

Grow your business

Not only will you reach new people through your podcast, but you'll also be able to build real relationships with your listeners by showing off your personality and your expertise. It's the next-best thing to grabbing coffee with you in person, and as you share value and connect with listeners, many of them will want to support your business or work with you.

Share something you love!

You guys, podcasting is FUN! I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed getting to know my guests, bonding over common interests, and learning a ton from their experiences. And getting feedback and positive reviews from listeners just makes it even better!

I wasn't an Instagram #influencer, and I didn't have a huge following when I got started. So if I could do it, so can you.


5-Star Podcast Launch

In this self-paced program, I’ll teach you how to prep, record, edit, and publish high-impact podcast episodes that create raving fans. Even if you have zero production experience.

The program has a mix of self-paced video content, workbooks, templates, content reviews, and a student community. So this isn’t just an online course you’ll never finish. It’s a fully immersive program where I’ll hold you accountable to take action (and get results!)

kind wordS from students

Ooh, and what are these bonuses?

I know this can feel like stressful, unfamiliar territory for most new podcasters. Podcasting is a very technical world with a lot of complex, tiny tasks to complete before you can launch. I promised they’re all very doable, as long as you have clear instructions and an easy-to-follow blueprint (like this course!)

But that’s why I’m throwing in some free limited-time bonuses to help you launch confidently ASAP. (Together, these bonuses are worth almost as much as the course price!)


Booked Out Podcast course

If you’re running an interview-style show, finding guests can be a huge challenge. How can you find high-quality guests? And if you have no insider connections, how can you get them to say yes?

And maybe…just maybe…is there a way that you can get off the hamster wheel of constantly pitching and have someone pitch you for a change? 

With my new Booked Out Podcast system, you won’t just be booking great guests for your show. You’ll actually be turning prospective guests away. (That’s how popular you’ll be!)



Podcast Production Templates in Asana, Trello, and more

I’ve created two essential templates for podcasters: Episode Production and Guest Prospecting. Not only that, but I’ve created versions in Asana, Trello, Airtable, and Google Sheets that you can start using right away. (You get all templates on all platforms, so if you can’t decide, you can test different options to see what suits you.) 

Compatible with free versions of Trello, Airtable, and Asana.


Join 5-Star Podcast Launch today!

It’s time to bring your podcast vision to life. In this self-paced program, I’ll help you launch a podcast that makes an impact. $100 OFF COVID-19 savings & limited-time free bonuses ($129 value) included at checkout.

Here's a peek inside the program...


Your podcast concept & name

Set a solid foundation for your podcast by clarifying your goals and validating the demand for your topic. From there, you’ll identify your ideal listener, create your Winning Podcast Formula, choose your format, and set a strong name for your podcast.


Microphone & Recording Equipment

Choose the right podcast microphone for your format and budget. (And learn how to set everything up properly!) Includes option to record solo or remotely with another person.


Episode Prep & Pre-Production

Learn how to prepare the type of episodes your listeners will love. Includes instructions to script your intros and outros, outline and prepare your core material, and find your first guests (if applicable).


Recording Setup & Tips

Includes our top 10 tips for professional-sounding audio and a walkthrough for both solo and remote recording setups. We’ll also cover how to run an extensive soundcheck before you hit record.


Editing (or how to outsource)

Learn how to edit your own podcast, even if you have absolutely zero experience. Or, if you decide it’s not your zone of genius, I’ll help you outsource it with ease (at a reasonable price).


Publish your RSS feed

Learn how to upload and publish new episode to Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and all major directories. This is also the phase where you create (or outsource) your Podcast Artwork and write your podcast description. 


Marketing basics for new podcasts

Learn the #1 thing most new podcasters forget in their marketing strategy. From there, learn why you need a website (or a landing page) and how to set yours up easily. We’ll also talk about your basic social media and promotion strategy.


Launch your podcast!

It’s finally time to launch your podcast! You’ll prepare your launch strategy and publish your first episodes. We’ll also share tips for ongoing podcast production to make sure that your show continues to grow long after your launch day.

And by the end of the program, you won’t just know how to launch a podcast. 

You’ll actually have a live, value-packed podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google, and Spotify that your audience will love.

And you’ll be making an impact – and possibly some income – from the comfort of your own home. And most importantly, you’ll be making a difference to someone who desperately needs to hear your voice

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Join 5-Star Podcast Launch today!

It’s time to bring your podcast vision to life. In this self-paced program, I’ll help you launch a podcast that makes an impact. $100 OFF COVID-19 savings & limited-time free bonuses ($129 value) included at checkout.


14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I know you’ve got what it takes to launch a high-quality podcast that your audience will love. And I know my experience as both a podcaster and a teacher can help you get there. But you don’t even have to take my word for it!

I want to make this as risk-free as possible. That’s why we offer a full 14 days to explore the content and start the program. If you still aren’t satisfied, email me to show that you’ve done the homework and I’ll process your refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommend setting aside 5 hours per week to work through the material and work on your podcast. Some weeks it may be slightly more or less, depending on how you space out your work. But the 60-day timeline is NOT an additional 20+ hour a week commitment, I swear. (Who has the time for that?!) But you’re also welcome to go at any pace you’d like.

I promise, you don’t! I’ll walk you through the need-to-know tech basics, and I’ll also tell you what you DON’T need to worry about. Trust me, you can do it. (And if editing isn’t your thing, I’ll help you outsource it. But I bet you’re more capable than you think!)

Definitely! No matter what topic or format you’ve chosen for your podcast, this program will help you bring your podcast to life. 

Although I’ll teach you the basics in the course, outsourcing is a great option! Many business owners and coaches opt to outsource their editing, and I can help you find affordable options if needed.

When you join, you’ll have access to the first three sections right away. This includes everything you’ll need to do before you hit record, including our recommended home studio setup and equipment. Then each week, new content will unlock inside your course, and we’ll email you when each section becomes available. I pace the program like this to help students stay focused instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Our community actually isn’t on Facebook. You’ll be invited to my members-only community, which has a few channels that include my wider community of podcast listeners, but also dedicated space for only Podcast Launch Playbook students to interact. I hang out in there all the time, and I hope you’ll join often, too!

Yes! This typically requires 5-10 hours per week of effort, at max. Different weeks may require more or less time, but this is not a breakneck “drop everything else in your life” type of timeline.

The program content is yours forevah! So even after the live sessions are over, you’ll still be able to access recordings from the live sessions as well as the self-paced content (videos, workbooks) for as long as you need.

Here’s the truth. 

Right now is the perfect time to launch your podcast, because they’re trending but not yet overdone. But this opportunity is slim, and 2020 will bring a lot of change to the podcast industry. So if you’ve ever thought about launching a podcast, then this. is. your. shot.

So are you ready to be the next big name in podcasting?

Because I’m ready to help you take the first step, right now.

"The fluidity and continuity of your course was seamless! You have a knack of simplifying complex issues that place your listeners at ease."
Felecia W
Wit & Wire student
"The simplicity of the program & your workbook was very helpful with writing everything out. It truly helped materialize & also refine my vision for my podcast even more."
Alysha M
Wit & Wire student

Join 5-Star Podcast Launch today!

It’s time to bring your podcast vision to life. In this self-paced program, I’ll help you launch a podcast that makes an impact. $100 OFF COVID-19 savings & limited-time free bonuses ($129 value) included at checkout.

Still have questions?

You can contact us anytime and we’d be happy to help. Reach out on our Contact Page and we’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP.


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