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“The first day I launched the course I created in Course Builders, 10 people signed up, which meant that my investment in the program came back immediately to me. My next course launched later that year and had a 5-figure launch. We had people in four different countries.”

Kate Brenton, writing teacher and embodiment coach

At Wit & Wire, you’ll find simplified tech tutorials and modern marketing strategies for online business owners who crave meaningful work and a balanced life.

There’s no need to hustle or “do it all.” Instead, we offer course creation programs with personalized support to help you turn your skills and passions into a scaleable signature course.

Build Your Audience

Email Engines

Find your first 1,000+ email subscribers by creating simple email automations, value-packed newsletters, and a high-converting freebie funnel. 

Best for new email marketers or anyone looking to streamline their lead generation.

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Course Builders

Create a top-rated signature course & enroll your first paid students so you can add a scaleable revenue stream to your business.

Best for business owners or creators who are ready to expand their earning potential.

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Automate & Scale

Use sustainable sales strategies to create an evergreen ecosystem for your online course so you can add $10k+/month to your business year-round.

Best for course creators who have an active course and are ready to scale.

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“Melissa's teaching method works because it comes from her own professional experience as a teacher and an online course creator as well. 

Today, just one year after joining Course Builders, I’ve successfully launched four cohorts of my course and enrolled students from 15+ countries.”

Lucy Jeon, global career strategist

Hey! I’m Melissa 👋


I’m a course creation expert and solopreneur with a pretty unique backstory.

Not only have I taught thousands of students and built my own $500k+ course business, but I’ve also been fortunate to work for some of the biggest names in course creation:

  • Director of Marketing at Teachable, the popular course creation software
  • Sr. Course Launch Manager for Ramit Sethi, NY Times Best Selling Author
  • Top-Rated Instructor at General Assembly NYC, 100+ workshops taught
  • Top-Rated Instructor on Skillshare, 6,000+ students enrolled

I combined my experience in course creation, digital marketing, and in-person instruction to launch Wit & Wire in 2019. I’m constantly testing new strategies to help my audience of online business owners scale sustainably in a quickly-changing digital ecosystem. 

And today, students regularly tell me that our programs are the best they’ve ever taken.

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This is the best online course I have ever done, bar none. The love and exhaustive attention to detail that has gone into this course, the regular updating on information and the super clear videos meant even a tech beginner like me could understand the process. 

I felt like Melissa and her team genuinely wanted me to have the best experience and succeed. Which I have! Well worth the money and time investment.”


Our most popular resources

To help you get started, here are three of our most beloved free resources.


The Course Launch Masterclass (free!)

In this free, on-demand training, I’ll teach you how to go from $0 to $20k/mo as an online course creator, even if you have no audience or no prior experience.

By the end of this masterclass, you'll learn how to...

Choose an in-demand course topic based on 3 key criteria

Make your first course sales in less than 30 days, even if you don’t have a huge audience. (And without a webinar.)

Build an online business that generates $20k/mo consistently so you can make an impact doing work you love (without constantly being tied to your laptop).

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The Course Creation Toolkit

This comprehensive free guide includes the exact equipment & software we recommend to create curriculum, record videos, and sell profitable online courses.

It also includes our side-by-side comparison of the best course creation platforms.

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The Email Marketing Toolkit

Email marketing isn't one-size-fits-all, so in this free guide, we'll walk you through our top recommendations for online business owners.

We'll also share three of our favorite tools to help you build your email list.

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