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Starting a podcast can change your life.

But I hear the tiny voice inside your head saying, “Why me?” 

Why should you launch a podcast when so many people are already doing it? People who seem like they’ve got bigger followings and way more “street cred.”

But here’s the thing.  Your voice and your story matter, and if you’re willing to put in the work long term, you can create a podcast that will change someone’s life. Only you can tell your story from your point of view. And I’ll bet that there’s no one out there doing exactly what you want to do, in the way you want to do it.

Truth: Anyone can learn the tech. And you don’t need 5,000 downloads per episode to make a difference. So no matter your starting point, I can simplify all the tech and tools so you can get your voice and ideas out there ASAP.

Lixcy C
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"What helped me the most was the simplicity of the crash course. I didn’t need to read long amounts of text to understand what I needed to get done and how. That has helped make the process less overwhelming and gave me a sense of actually being able to start a podcast for real."
Felicity W
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"The fluidity and continuity of your course was seamless! You have a knack of simplifying complex issues that place your listeners at ease."
Jada C
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"This course confirmed the path I am taking is the right one. The lessons were short, comprehensible and encouraging along the way."​
Jessie S
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"The fact you took your time to teach in deep detail. I just love the information given to answer my many questions. I feel like I can start a podcast confidently now because of this course."

I know you’re tired of Googling “best podcast microphones,” or listening to your favorite podcasts every week….while really wishing you had one of your own.

And maybe right now, it feels impossible to imagine how your little ol’ podcast could ever reach 1,000 listeners, let alone 100,000.

But with the right plan and guidance from someone who’s been there, you’ll be in Apple and Spotify and on your way to having a top-rated podcast in no time.

I’ll bet you’ve been dreaming about your podcast for at least a few months already. (Or is it years?) Friends or clients have probably told you how incredible you are, and how much you have to share. Hell, maybe they’ve even told you, “You should start a podcast!”

So I know it’s not the ideas you’re missing. It’s just the plan.

Which of these sounds most like you?


Not totally sure if podcasting is right for you? With so many ideas competing for your attention right now, I don’t blame you for having questions! I recommend checking out our Wit & Wire podcast to learn more some of our guests’ personal experiences.


Yup, this is the question I get most frequently! That’s why I put together a complete – but quick! – program for new podcasters to make sure that you check all the boxes that great podcasts share before you hit record. 

(Hint: it’s way more than just the right microphone, but I’ll share all of my favorite gear, too.)

PS: I'm about action, not just learning.

I’ve been teaching for 5+ years, and I’m not here to sell you the “longest, most comprehensive, most intensive” course of all time. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Instead, I create short videos with recommended action items to help you get your podcast up and running from A-Z. I’m here to take the guesswork out of “wtf do I do next?!” and help you actually start podcasting, not just learning about it.

But I’ll be up front, too. I’m not running a “get podcasting quick” scheme over here. I believe that quality takes a little bit of time, so I’m not going to be the woman promising “7 day podcast launch” plans. I’m here to set you up for success not just for episode 1, but episode 101.

So although you can move at your own pace through any of my programs – and I’ve certainly had speed demons launch super quick! – I want you to know that this is on your time, at your pace.


I’m Melissa, your podcasting partner-in-crime

I’ve always said that my favorite people are the ones who really care about something. And whether your “thing” is marketing, motherhood, or marine biology, I am here for people with passion.

I also believe that everyone has knowledge and skills worth sharing. No, scratch that. I believe you have knowledge worth paying for, and I’m on a mission to help more people understand their worth and use their gifts for both good and for, well, income!

By day, I’m the Head of Marketing Engagement at Teachable, and I’m also the host and producer of our podcast, Everything is Teachable. Within our first month, we hit the charts as the #2 Career podcast and a top 20 Business podcast in the US. I’m also the co-host of Book Smart, a podcast where we read and share books that have a positive influence on our daily lives. 

Outside the microphone, I’ve been an online (and in-person!) teacher since 2015, with a combined 6,000+ students in my classes and workshops.


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