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Hey there!

I’m Melissa, your podcasting partner-in-crime

I’m a creative dork with an unreasonable love of Excel and problem solving. (And mint chocolate chip ice cream, books, and my icon Hermione Granger.)

By day, I’m the Head of Marketing Engagement at Teachable, and I’m also the host and producer of our podcast, Everything is Teachable. Within our first month, we hit the charts as the #2 Career podcast and a top 20 Business podcast in the US. I’m also the co-host of Book Smart, a podcast where we read and share books that have a positive influence on our daily lives. 

Outside the microphone, I’ve been an online (and in-person!) teacher since 2015, with a combined 4000+ students in my classes and workshops.


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How can I help you today?

"I'm just getting started."

Download the Complete Podcasting Toolkit

Recording from home can still sound professional. Download our complete free 11-page guide to microphones, recording tools, and podcast hosting platforms, and you’ll have everything you need to start podcasting.

"I need a plan to launch my podcast."

Launching a podcast is one of the best ways to connect with a larger audience, reach more people with your message, and even expand your revenue potential for your business or brand.

But unless you have audio production experience, you may struggle when it comes to actually preparing, recording, editing, and publishing your own show.

That’s why I put together this self-paced DIY program to help brand new or early stage podcasters feel confident about producing your own podcast episodes, even if you have no previous recording or audio engineering experience whatsoever.

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"Ugh, I just want to record my episodes and then have someone else take care of this technical mumbo jumbo."

Mumbo jumbo is my specialty! In all seriousness, operations are my favorite thing – nerd alert – and I work with a team of podcasting experts here at Wit & Wire who can help you manage your podcast production process with ease, including…

  • Podcast editing
  • Podcast artwork (your main cover graphic)
  • Podcast distribution set up (for new podcasters who need to get approved in Apple, Spotify, Pandora, etc.)
  • Regular show notes, publishing, etc.
  • A la carte, or the whole enchilada. (Mmm, enchiladas.)

"I need help growing my podcast."

Podcast marketing and monetization are two of the biggest challenges facing podcasters today, after their launch. There are a zillion different marketing channels out there, but they aren’t created equally. 

If you already have a published podcast, but you need help increasing your downloads and your earning potential, book a free 30-min strategy call with me anytime.

Let’s find what works for you and then focus on the best strategies to find new, raving fans for your podcast. 

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everything you need to start a podcast

Download the Complete Podcasting Toolkit

No matter your budget, we’ve got the tools for you. Here is our complete guide to microphones, recording tools, and podcast hosting platforms.


Hey! I’m Melissa, the podcast producer and Excel nerd running things behind the scenes.

I’m here to help creators expand their reach and revenue through podcasting, which means providing free resources as well as courses and services to help you launch or grow your show. I’m so glad you’re here!

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