About Wit & Wire

We give creators the education and tools needed to build meaningful podcasts that make a difference.

Welcome to Wit & Wire! I’m Melissa, and I’m on a mission to help people pursue work they love.

I’m a seasoned podcast host and producer, as well as a top-rated instructor at General Assembly NYC and on Skillshare.

By day, I’m the Head of Marketing Engagement at Teachable, a platform for entrepreneurs to build and sell their own online courses. I’m the host and producer of our podcast, Everything is Teachable, which peaked as the #2 Career Podcast in the USA and was featured in Apple Podcasts under best new podcasts.

Outside the microphone, I’ve been an online (and in-person) teacher since 2015, with a combined 6,000+ students in my classes and workshops.

But here’s the thing. After spending hours and hours forever and ever learning how to produce a successful podcast, I knew I couldn’t be the only one looking for better resources.

That’s why we’re here. I wanted to combine my love of teaching with my passion for podcast production to help new podcasters like you finally get that podcast idea out of your head and into the world. (Oh, and of course I wanted more excuses to play with more technology tools, mics, and spreadsheets because I’m a weirdo.)

And so Wit & Wire was born as a resource for podcasters hoping to launch and grow podcasts that matter. Podcasts that help you share your knowledge, expertise, and personality with the world, even if you’re a total beginner. Because I don’t think you need to be an ops nerd like me to be a podcaster.

I just think you need to care about helping others, and have something meaningful to say.

My resume

Six figure downloads. But more importantly, tens of thousands of inspired listeners.


Everything is Teachable

Within our first month, we hit the charts as the #2 Career podcast and a top 20 Business podcast in the US. (I kind of freaked out when we passed 25,000 downloads within 6 weeks.) We were also featured as one of Apple’s Best New Business Podcasts.

Wit & Wire (the podcast)

What does it take to create a successful podcast?
That’s the question I’m out to answer in Wit & Wire, the podcast that takes you behind-the-scenes with successful podcasters and industry experts to learn how to start a podcast, grow your audience, and make an impact.

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Book Smart

Em Hammel-Shaver and I are the co-hosts of Book Smart, a podcast where we read and share books that have a positive influence on our daily lives.


Figuring It Out

Ah, my first podcast. Although I’m no longer producing new episodes, I learned a ton about podcast production, guest interviews, and building an audience. (And I’m proud that I just did something, instead of waiting to be a perfect podcaster.)

But on top of the impact I’ve shared with listeners, there have been big unexpected benefits from podcasting, too.

1. I’ve been able to position myself as an expert in online business and personal development.

2. I’ve made amazing connections with guests, some of whom have turned into working relationships (or even very real friendships!)

3. I’ve learned a ton about the world of podcasting, including…

  • Choosing the right name
  • Scripting great content
  • Finding exactly the right guests (and getting them to say yes)
  • Producing and editing high-quality episodes without breaking the bank
  • Running the podcast operation as a one-woman team (without feeling stressed or overwhelmed)
  • Connecting with listeners
  • Earning money as a podcaster
  • …and so much more

Who should start a podcast?

Anyone with an idea can start a podcast!

I know that might sound obvious, but as podcasts continue to grow in popularity, the demand is only rising for more high-quality shows.

I’m not going to lie to you; podcasts don’t happen overnight.

So you have to be committed to doing a little research and putting in the time if you want to make a difference to your listeners.

But if you’re hoping to share a passion with a larger community, or you’d like to establish yourself as an expert to grow your influence or build a business, then you can start a podcast and be ahead of the curve.

That’s the beauty of podcasting. They’re established enough that your mom knows what a podcast is, but they aren’t so saturated that your mom actually has a podcast yet.

Here’s what great podcasters all have in common…

A passion or interest.
What could you talk about for hours? Or what’s that thing your friends always ask you about? Without something you care about, your podcast will flop.

A drive to succeed.
Podcasting takes work. It’s not complicated work, but it takes time, dedication, and consistency to be a great podcaster.

A goal in mind.
You have to know why you’re podcasting. Are you here to share a passion, or is this a way to showcase your expertise to help bring money into your business? Successful podcasters know exactly why they’re doing this.

ALSO! There are things that you just don’t freaking need.
Like tons of tech experience. Or fancy audio editing skills. Or a massive starting audience.

I can show you the ropes. But I can’t make you care. And my favorite people are the kind who are all in. Those people make great podcasters.

So if you’re feeling a little nervous,
but super excited,
you’re already on your way to becoming
the next great podcaster.

Wit & Wire FAQs

“Where should I start?”
Great question. If you’re a brand new podcaster, I recommend our Courses, specifically the Podcast Kickstart minicourse. You can also check out our Editing & Production Services. If you still don’t see what you need, get in touch anytime on our Contact Page.

“I’m ready to record, but which microphone do you recommend?”
I talk about this one so much I wrote a whole dang post: Which microphone is best? Our Top 5 picks for new podcasters [2019 edition].

“I’m a brand new podcaster. Where should I start?”
I’ve got just the thing! I recommend our minicourse, the Podcast Kickstart series. Over the course of a week, I’ll help you nail down your goals, identify your ideal listener, strategically choose your show format, and of course, pick the right name.