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This VIP upgrade adds three 60-minute consulting calls to your Course Builders experience. The calls are personalized and can include course naming, pricing, outlining, tech setup, launching, scaling, etc.

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"Is Course Builders right for me?"

Here are a few recommendations to help you make a decision:

This could be for you if...

You're a coach, consultant, freelancer, or business owner and you're looking for a way to expand beyond 1:1 work. (You're exhausted and want more freedom in your schedule.)

You're a content creator or influencer and you've built a decent online following, but you want to expand beyond partnerships and brand deals.

You have 3-5 hours per week to dedicate to your online course. This VIP experience includes 1:1 consulting and collaboration, but it's not a done-for-you service.

You want your work to make an impact, and you genuinely want to help others.

But not if...

You're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. These strategies don't happen overnight, and you have to put in work to get the results.

You want to sell $10 courses. (These strategies work best for courses priced $500-$2,500+.)

You're just getting started with your online business. Although you don't need a huge audience to sell online courses, I recommend that you have at least one of the following:

  • Experience working with 1:1 clients
  • An email list of 500+ subscribers
  • A sizeable social media or YouTube following

If you haven't yet reached those milestones, I recommend Email Engines, where we help business owners start earning consistent revenue while they build an email list.

That said, there have been exceptions in the past, so if you want to chat more, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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