How to scale your revenue with a profitable online course 

Learn how to create, sell, and scale your own signature online course so you can expand your earning potential and earn more working fewer hours.


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By the end of this masterclass, you'll learn…

The three biggest mistakes new course creators make when it comes to planning, recording, and selling their new online course. (Plus, I’ll share the updated strategies I recommend instead.)

How to use the Course Lifecycle Method to scale your signature course to $10k, $100k, and beyond so you can earn consistently and grow sustainably.

How to build an effective, engaging online course, even if you don't feel very tech-savvy or have never taught before

Bonus: I’ll share my recommended course software & equipment for course creators at any budget and skill level

"I’ve taken other classes before and I have to tell you that yours was the best I’ve taken so far. You went deeper than giving a free class on generic information, you invited us behind the curtain with you. 

So bravo to you on such a successful class👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽"

Erica Brooks, Past Masterclass AttendeE

Hey! I’m Melissa 👋


I’m a course creation expert and solopreneur with a pretty unique backstory.

Not only have I taught thousands of students and built my own $500k+ course business, but I’ve also been fortunate to work for some of the biggest names in course creation:

  • Director of Marketing at Teachable, the popular course creation software
  • Sr. Course Launch Manager for Ramit Sethi, NY Times Best Selling Author
  • Top-Rated Instructor at General Assembly NYC, 100+ workshops taught
  • Top-Rated Instructor on Skillshare, 6,000+ students enrolled

I combined my experience in course creation, digital marketing, and in-person instruction to launch Wit & Wire in 2019. I’m constantly testing new strategies to help my audience of online business owners scale sustainably in a quickly-changing digital ecosystem. 

And today, students regularly tell me that our programs are the best they’ve ever taken.

“Melissa's teaching method works because it comes from her own professional experience as a teacher and an online course creator as well. 

Today, just one year after joining Course Builders, I’ve successfully launched four cohorts of my course and enrolled students from 15+ countries.”

Lucy Jeon, global career strategist

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