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LearnWorlds review: How to create & sell online courses

April 18, 2023


Androniki Koumadoraki (LearnWorlds)


Transparency Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we may earn a commission if you make a purchase. This is at no additional cost to you, so it's a great way to support Wit & Wire. So thank you! Full disclosure here.

As a course creator, you want to build online courses that deliver true value and help you expand your business. And perhaps the tool that matters the most and plays the biggest role in this process is the online course creation platform you pick. 

Why? Because your courses will be only as engaging and powerful as your course creation platform is. For example, selecting a platform that doesn’t support interactive content or in-depth analytics for gauging learner engagement makes it hard to deliver effective online courses to learners.

So, in today’s post, I’ve invited Androniki from LearnWorlds to share an overview of their online course platform and interactive video features so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you.

You can also watch my full LearnWorlds platform walkthrough here:

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LearnWorlds is an all-in-one online course platform that enables creators to build online courses, market them, and sell them through their own branded websites.

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LearnWorlds: a quick overview

LearnWorlds is an all-in-one online course platform that enables creators to build online courses, market them, and sell them through their own branded websites. One of the main reasons that LearnWorlds stands out from similar solutions in the market (apart from the fact that it is the most rich-featured platform) is that it has been created by educators for educators. 

This means that the people behind this platform are education professionals with firsthand expertise and deep knowledge of the industry – they know what a comprehensive learning experience must look like. And although LearnWorlds has nothing to envy from other platforms in terms of marketing tools, its amazing educational features are the ones that win the race.

LearnWorlds review: How to create & sell online courses 4

LearnWorlds features & platform walkthrough

Let’s do a quick walkthrough of the LearnWorlds platform together. 

LearnWorlds course builder

LearnWorlds’ powerful and intuitive course builder lets you create your online course in minutes, creating the desired learning path based on the scope of your course. In other words, you can allow your learners to navigate the course freely, drip-feed content to control the pace, or set prerequisites if meeting the specific learning objectives of each session is essential for the scope of your course.

Interactive learning activities

The possibilities to enrich your courses with learning activities for all preferences are quite endless. Let’s see a few that stand out:

  • Interactive video where you can add images & text, buttons (how cool is it that you can send your learner directly to a course page or active offer?!), questions, and more 
  • eBooks that enable note-taking, highlighting, and more actions
  • Assessments & exams (17 available question types!)
  • Multi-purpose forms (perfect for learning more about your learners or requesting feedback about your course)
  • Self-evaluation activities & reflection journal (you know you’ve got to give your students some space and empower them)
  • Audio activities (for your auditory learners – they’re quite a few)
  • SCORM packages (migrate content you already have on another platform in a heartbeat) 
  • Live sessions with the possibility of selecting and booking your preferred time slot (with Calendly integration)

Impressive? Well, that wasn’t the exhaustive list – catch a glimpse below:

LearnWorlds review: How to create & sell online courses 6

LearnWorlds site builder

Create a beautiful website by choosing among one of the pre-made templates (or start from scratch if you feel extra creative!) that you can customize as you like 𑁋 with zero coding, just drag and drop elements and click your way to a superb design. If you go for one of the higher LearnWorlds plans (Learning Center or High Volume), you can remove the LearnWorlds branding and make it 100% your own branded website. If you’re knowledgeable enough, you can even play around with the code for maximum customization!

LearnWorlds assessment builder 

LearnWorlds supports several types of assessments, but this feature is definitely worth a closer look. In short, LearnWorlds assessments can be divided into two broad categories – non-graded (self-assessments) and graded (exams).

Graded assessments can lead to a certificate upon successful completion. You can customize assessment settings to meet your needs – for example, you can set a timer, as well as a separate score for each correct answer depending on its gravity. 

The auto-recovery feature will also come in handy if you want to enable your learners to pause and resume the exam later. You can choose to set up an automated response or give personalized feedback to your learners. 

And, you can tag them depending on the answers they gave so you can later address them collectively (like schedule an extra live session for those who’re having a hard time with a particular topic). 

The fact that LearnWorlds offers so many different options shows how much they respect individual learning needs and how much they believe in quality education. While most platforms offer a basic quiz functionality with multiple-choice and true/false questions, LearnWorlds really goes the extra mile (or two) and additionally supports text/file assignments and even video and audio submissions.

LearnWorlds review: How to create & sell online courses 8

As for non-graded assessments, these, too, give you an ample choice as you can use the same question types as exams. Don’t disregard their power. Self-assessments enable learners to evaluate their own progress and rework their approach to learning. You have the option to send automated or personalized feedback. Go with the second option if you want to contribute in a meaningful manner. 


It’s no secret that online learning can become lonesome, even if you go to great lengths to establish frequent communication with your students. Building a strong community where learners can interact on a frequent basis is the real game-changer, though. 

One option you have with LearnWorlds is a separate discussion forum for each course and community groups. You can also publish posts and polls on your community page, where students can participate and contribute with their own posts and comments. 

Mobile app builder

We have long moved from a mobile-friendly to a mobile-first approach when designing online courses, especially when those are addressed to younger audiences or busy professionals. Building a mobile app may sound like a pickle, but with LearnWorlds, you don’t need to know the first thing about coding to get your own branded mobile app to launch your course on Android or iOS.

In-depth analytics & reports

Another favorite feature, learner and school analytics in LearnWorlds, is more than one could hope for. There’s hardly anything you can’t keep track of here: measure learner progress, uncover the content that performs best and worst, social interactions in your community, all-time favorite and most dropped-out courses, sales records, and many more. 

Some of these reports can also be scheduled and automatically delivered to you at a frequency of your choice. If you like to have total control of what’s happening in your academy and how students interact with your content, this tool won’t disappoint. 

LearnWorlds marketing tools

So you have built a rockstar course the world needs to know about. How do you make that happen? LearnWorlds integrates with 4,000+ tools, including marketing solutions that range from email marketing to social proof and analytics. 

Connect the tool you already use to spread the word about your school through email and social media and later measure the results. LearnWorlds also supports affiliate marketing, which can be especially effective if you reach out to the right people.

Flexible sales options

Digital courses come in all forms and shapes, and you’ll find LearnWorlds doesn’t come with limitations when it comes to how you want to sell those. 

For instance, you can go the standard way to sell courses separately or in bundles – all the while offering discounts or releasing part of the course for free if you want to convince the most skeptical ones. Or, you can create a membership site and generate a recurring income. You can also offer flexible payment plans with installments to facilitate your customers. 

As for the type of courses you can sell, they can be video-based, cohort, blended, entirely self-paced, real-time, or they can even be a pack of digital downloadables that you sell through your website. 

Try LearnWorlds free (30-day trial)

LearnWorlds is one of the most powerful and comprehensive eLearning solutions in the market. If your priority is providing your audience with high-quality education, you’ll find that this platform has all the features you need – and maybe a couple more!

Featured Platform
Save 15% with code WITANDWIRE

LearnWorlds is an all-in-one online course platform that enables creators to build online courses, market them, and sell them through their own branded websites.

Free 30-Day Trial

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