Speaking & partnership opportunities

If you’re interested in having Melissa speak at your event, or if you’d like to pitch a sponsorship or collaboration with Wit & Wire, we’d love to hear from you.


About us

Wit & Wire helps diverse coaches, freelancers, and influencers expand their earning potential by creating profitable online courses.

Our founder is Melissa Guller. She previously worked full-time in the online course industry as the Senior Launch Manager for Ramit Sethi’s 8-figure course business and the Director of Marketing for Teachable. 

Today, Melissa has become a sought-after speaker and educator in the course creation industry, and her students often share that Wit & Wire programs are the best they've ever taken. 

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How we work with partners

We love to partner with brands and businesses that work with complementary audiences. This typically includes coaches, freelancers, content creators, and online business owners, including…

YouTube sponsorship (dedicated video or 30-sec ad roll)

Newsletter sponsorship (20k+ subscribers)

Virtual and in-person speaking engagements

Podcast interviews with Melissa

JV partnerships (internal and external)

Freebie swaps & bundles

"We are SO grateful for your participation in both the Trends Report and the Trends in Action series. You are an absolute joy to work with as always, and your contributions were invaluable. I watched your session back and was in love with the content you delivered: engaging, informative, and fun. 

Thank you so much once again for your partnership on these initiatives. I can't stress enough how lovely it was to get to know you better and to work with you this year. 

You are such a wealth of knowledge in the creator economy."


Sample interview questions

We always encourage interviewers to personalize your questions to suit your audience. But to help with your prep, here’s a list of starter questions and FAQs:

  • You teach a unique approach to building a 6-figure course business, the Course Lifecycle Method. Could you tell us more about the framework and how it works?
  • What makes a course idea or topic profitable?
  • For coaches or service providers, when is the right time to consider creating an online course?
  • After working at Teachable, you’ve seen a lot of creators make the same mistakes when it comes to launching a new online course. What are some of the biggest mistakes?
  • Tech holds a lot of people back from building their own online courses. Can you talk about what equipment and software new course creators will need? (I’ll talk about the 4 C’s of Course creation, which simplifies the answer.)
  • What are the current trends or changes you’re noticing that course creators should be paying attention to?

Next steps

If you’re interested in sponsorship, booking Melissa to speak, or any other partnership opportunities, we’d love to hear from you. (Please note that we’re not currently accepting guest inquiries for the Wit & Wire podcast.)

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