2020 Black Friday deals for podcasters & solopreneurs

Black Friday 2020 is here, and ‘tis the season for big savings.

I personally love a good deal, and right now, it’s prime time for holiday shopping. I can’t wait to buy tons of cozy sweaters gifts for my family.

But in the past few years, it’s also become a huge opportunity to save money on critical podcasting tools, online business tools, productivity resources, and even podcasting gear.

And those business expenses add up fast, so every savings counts.

Without further ado, here are our top Black Friday deals for podcasters, coaches, freelancers, course creators, online business owners, and solopreneurs. 

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Podcasting courses & tools

Wit & Wire

At Wit & Wire, we offer online courses and services to help podcasters start and grow podcasts that make an impact. Whether you’re looking to monetize your podcast, book more guests, ease your production process, or market to new audiences, we have courses for everyone trying to create an impact with their podcast.

Plus, a special new addition

It’s time to celebrate! We just announced a brand new product: Canva Templates for Podcasters.

Check out our three new Instagram feed designs for 50% off through Mon 11/30/20 only. (Discount applied automatically at checkout.)


As podcasters, unfortunately we can’t use copyrighted music as our theme song. (Sara Bareilles could potentially sue us.)

So instead, podcasters and all online content creators need to use royalty-free music, which means that the owner has relinquished the right to collect royalties every time the track plays. Instead, you can find free or very inexpensive music for a one-time fee (like $5-$30) and you’ll be legally clear.

My favorite place to find podcast-friendly music is AudioJungle, and they’re running a Black Friday promotion on countless tracks.

Podcast equipment

Last year – during Black Friday 2019 – there were plenty of deals on microphones, webcams, and headphones.

But thanks to the pandemic, I don’t expect to see too many exceptional deals on microphones this year (sad).

Electronics stores are still offering deals, it’s just not the same mix of options I’m used to. But here are a few places to look if you’re in the market:

To learn more about my favorite podcast microphones – and to price check on Amazon – check out our Top 5 Microphones for New Podcasters (2020 Edition).

My favorite going into 2021 is still the Blue Yeti, although it’s just one of many great options. Click here to check the price; anything $115 and under is a steal.


Podpage is a game-changer. I just discovered this tool (in 2020) to help podcasters build websites quickly and easily, and on a budget. To the tune of $5/mo, and no additional website hosting or Squarespace fees required.

The only thing you need first is your podcast’s RSS feed, so you do need to be published in your podcast hosting platform first.

So if you’re looking for the simplest, cheapest way to build a podcast website – one that still looks really professional – Podpage is a great pick.

  • Deal: Save $50 on any Podpage plan:
    • Podpage Basic is just $10 for an entire year (83% off!)
    • Podpage Pro is just $94 per year (35% off!)
  • Dates: Fri 11/27 only!
  • Coupon: BF2020

PS: Still prefer a WordPress or Squarespace website? I’ve got more deals for you a little further down this page.


Simplecast provides every single tech tool you’d need to start, publish, promote, and analyze your show. But in my eyes, what really sets them apart is their focus on analytics. They’ve built a platform so easy to use that even non-technical podcasters can easily manage their production.

They’re one of my top podcast hosting platforms for 2021. But so far, they’re the only one on my list running a Black Friday discount.

  • Deal: Simplecast is offering Essential plans for the price of Basic, and Growth plans for the price of Essential for your first three months. That means that you’ll save $60 on an Essential plan, or $150 on a Growth plan.
  • Dates: 11/25 – 12/1/20
  • Coupon Codes: Choose a code based on the plan you want.
    • ONSIMPLECAST: for 50% off your first two months of Basic
    • BFESSENTIAL: for $20 off Essential plans for three months
    • BFESSENTIALYEARLY: for $60 off Essential Yearly plans once
    • BFGROWTH: for $50 off Growth plans for three months
    • BFGROWTHYEARLY: for $150 off Growth Yearly plans once

[Note: Right now, my other top picks – Buzzsprout and Captivate – aren’t offering Black Friday deals. But if that changes in the next few days, I’ll update this post.]

Design tools & resources

Haute Stock

Almost all of the beautiful photographs across my Wit & Wire site and courses come from Haute Stock.

Instead of searching for hours through stock photo sites that just don’t cut it, you can browse through Haute Stock’s extensive beautiful collections to find exactly what you’re looking for. They add new images every week and have a wonderful searchable library with every color and topic you could dream of.

Styled Stock Society

Styled Stock Society is a brand library – created by and for women entrepreneurs – and designed specifically to help you make your business look amazing and cut down on the time and money you spend trying to make your brand look and feel like you want.

Depending on your style, you may prefer Haute Stock or Styled Stock Society. Or maybe you use a lot of graphics and would benefit from joining both!

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe is the ultimate design suite, and for Black Friday, they’re offering 40% off their entire Creative Cloud (and 70% off if you’re a student!)

This is particularly relevant for podcasters interested in editing using Adobe Audition. It’s a podcaster favorite, and although I usually recommend Hindenburg, if you’re already paying for Adobe’s suite, using Audition could be a great choice.


Canva makes designing more fun and accessible. You can use their simple tools to create all kinds of things, from Instagram posts to podcast cover art.

The free plan is truly generous and a great place to start. But there are a lot of features on Pro that I think are worthwhile, like transparent background, saving your brand colors as a template, resizing, and more. And during Black Friday, if you upgrade to Pro you can add 2-5 extra team members for free. (You usually have to pay by user.)

Online business resources


Selling your own online courses is one of the best ways to earn money online. (It’s the #1 way I monetize my podcast and earn money here at Wit & Wire.) And if you’re interested in creating your own online courses, the #1 course creation platform out there is Teachable.

If you’re enrolled in any of our Wit & Wire podcasting courses, you’ve seen it Teachable in action. It’s the tool I use to build and sell all of my courses.

Black Friday is the only time of year Teachable ever offers a discount, and it’s a big one. So if you’re thinking about adding online courses to your business in 2021, I highly recommend checking out this offer, which includes heavily discounted access to Teachable’s course creation tools, creator community, and training courses.

Full disclosure: I work for Teachable and do NOT earn money if you take us up on this deal.


Webinars are a huge part of my business, and if you’re interested in running live and/or automated webinars in 2021, then EasyWebinar is the best all-around choice for online business owners.

Their tech makes it easy to livestream your content and manage attendee chat all at once. You can also turn your live webinars into automated webinars, if you’re interested in evergreen promotion.


If you’re looking for a domain for your website, Namecheap is my favorite registrar. Their dashboard is really user-friendly, but more importantly, their customer service is extremely helpful.

They have the best year-round pricing on .com domains and most URLs, but Black Friday is even better.


I’ve used so many email service providers (ESPs), and I can confidently say that ActiveCampaign is the most capable, at the best price point, for most coaches, online business owners, course creators, and podcasters.

With plans starting at just $9/mo, they don’t have a free plan, but they make up for it in functionality. And critically, when your podcast and business grow, if you’re serious about choosing a tool that will scale with you, then ActiveCampaign beats Mailchimp (below).

You can send broadcast emails, automated emails, and tag your subscribers so that you can identify who’s a customer, to name just one of many ways I use tags.

(Even though it’s not in the offer, if you want to keep things simple, start with their $9/mo plan.)


Flodesk has an almost cult-like following because their email templates are beautiful, which is unusual for the email marketing space. (Flodesk has things like cursive scripts and pretty layouts.)

But truthfully, I wouldn’t recommend Flodesk for aesthetics alone. The reason I recently started recommending Flodesk is because unlike all other Email Service Providers, they don’t charge by subscriber count. Instead, they charge a flat monthly rate, no matter how many email subscribers you have.

So if you like gorgeous templates and you have big dreams, Flodesk could be a great fit for you.


OptinMonster helps you leave less money on the table by making sure you capture valuable customer email addresses while prospects are visiting your site. And since most relationships are built over time, capturing email addresses is a critical strategy for long-term business growth.

OptinMonster works on any website (Squarespace, WordPress, etc.)

I recommend the Plus plan or above to unlock the A/B testing feature. It’s the best way to actually improve your marketing efforts over time (with data! Y’all know how I feel about data.)

Deadline Funnel

With Deadline Funnel, you can create authentic urgency in your marketing campaigns by having real deadlines for your offers. I use them when I open the Podcast Launch Accelerator to add countdown timers to my pages and emails. (The program only opens 3-4x per year: click here to join the alert list.)

  • Deal: Triple the Test Drive special: get a 42-day free trial instead of the standard 14-day trial
  • Dates: Wed 11/25 – Mon 11/30/20
  • Coupon: None needed

Bonus: Anyone who signs up for Deadline Funnel between now and Cyber Monday will also receive free access to a one-hour training called the Sales Event Blueprint. The focus of the training is how to launch a Black Friday campaign with Deadline Funnel, but the content is evergreen and can be used to help you create and run almost any kind of sales event throughout the year. Click here to learn more.

Website themes & tools

Station Seven

Station Seven offers some of the smartest Squarespace templates around. Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re also designed by a husband-and-wife team who really understand website conversion.

In other words, they aren’t just beautiful. They work.


Bluchic creates beautiful, feminine WordPress themes for coaches, bloggers, freelancers, and online shops. I’ve personally used their ChicServe theme and loved it!

What’s great about Bluchic’s templates is that they’re easy to customize, which isn’t true for all WordPress themes. (They’re definitely not all created equally.)

WP Astra

Astra is one of the fastest WordPress themes on the market. It’s not going to come with a gorgeous feminine design like Bluchic, but site speed is critical for websites. Google rates fast sites more highly than slow ones, but on a more human level, if your website is too slow to load, you’ll lose visitors before they even see your great episodes and products.

So if you’re looking for a sleek theme that can be customized to look like almost anything, Astra is a great affordable option. (With over 1,000,000 installs, they’re clearly doing something right.)

Launch in Style

Tired of creating your sales funnels from scratch? Grab a high-converting, easy-to-customize sales funnel template kit for WordPress from the Launch in Style Template Shop.

(I used one of Amanda’s templates for my Fall 2020 Accelerator launch and can’t wait to use it again the next time the program opens!)

WordPress plugins & tools


Elementor is the leading website builder platform for WordPress. Even if you don’t have any coding expertise, Elementor lets you easily edit your pages and posts to create a beautifully branded site. 

I used Elementor to build almost all of the main pages on my website. Some of the pages are based on templates – more on those below – but I consider Elementor to be one of my must-have website tools for WordPress.


Speaking of Elementor, it comes with tons of great widgets you can use on your website. A “widget” is a predefined type of content, like a text block, image, or quote.

But if you’re looking for even more widgets and customization tools, I use and love HappyAddons. Their widgets have a fresh, modern feel, and they offer things like pricing tables, team members, and more.


I use Siteground to host my WordPress site here at witandwire.com, and their hosting is unparalleled.

I know a lot of bloggers like BlueHost. But after starting with BlueHost, I ultimately made the switch to Siteground for faster website speed (and excellent support!)

Highly recommend if you’re using WordPress or starting a new WordPress website.

Year-Round Deals

In addition to these limited-time offers, here are some of my favorite year-round partner offers and tools I use daily in my business and with clients:

  • Airtable: Organize any data – like prospecting, content, or students – with this Spreadsheet-on-steroids platform. My inner data nerd rejoices every time I use Airtable. — Get a free account!
  • Bonsai: My favorite contracts & invoicing tool for freelancers. I use this to send all of my invoices, as well as to provide transparent time tracking to my clients. They’re also a huge help around tax season when it comes to filing. — Get one month free!


Buzzsprout is a long-time favorite hosting platform for many podcasters. (Myself included!)

What I love most about Buzzsprout is that they’re always innovating, but keep their pricing accessible to new and growing podcasters. They’re constantly rolling out new features and improving their hosting services, and when you join Buzzsprout, you get far more than just the tool. You get resources, savings on their partner tools, and great YouTube tutorials, too.

Their platform is so user-friendly. You don’t need any tech experience to publish new podcast episodes with Buzzsprout, and your episodes will look perfect in every app (Apple, Spotify, etc.) Their analytics are very straightforward, but give you just enough great information to understand which episodes are resonating with your audience, and how those insights can inform future episodes.

The only reason I wouldn’t recommend Buzzsprout is if you have 2+ podcasts or want to offer private podcast episodes. Buzzsprout’s pricing is per podcast – not per user – so if you’re a fiend like me, I’d recommend one of my next two picks. Otherwise, Buzzsprout is a top-notch pick for podcasters of all sizes and tech experience levels. I’m a huge fan!

Get a $20 Amazon Gift Card when you join Buzzsprout using my partner link: Get Started With Buzzsprout


Captivate differentiates themselves as a “growth-oriented” hosting platform, and they have a lot of standout features, like beautiful podcast websites, email capture, and in 2021, they’re releasing dynamic ad insertion technology. 

But I recommend them so highly not for bells and whistles, but because their core tools – like publishing and analyzing your episode performance – are superb. Their analytics are excellent, their dashboard is user-friendly, and even if you don’t feel “tech-savvy,” their customer support and help articles are accessible and helpful.

As long as you’re aware of their tiered pricing, I think they’re probably the most value-packed choice on my list. And if you’re running 2+ podcasts, or want to offer private or bonus podcast episodes, Captivate is an excellent choice.

Try it free for 7 days: Get Started with Captivate

This blog post contains affiliate links.

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