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“This by far has been the best online program I've invested in. I am so intimidated by the use of technology and the best thing about this class was how Melissa laid it all out and explained how tools were used from a range of beginner to advanced.”


Signature programs

With a blend of actionable curriculum, personalized instructor feedback, and live group coaching, our signature programs have been intentionally designed to help you get results with expert guidance. 


Course Builders

In this program, we’ll help you launch a top-rated signature course so you can add a scalable revenue stream to your business & become known for your expertise.

Price & package your strategic offer

Course details

Outline & create engaging curriculum

Choose the right tools & build your course

Enroll your first paid students

Collect testimonials & elevate your experience

Watch the free training

“Melissa covers all the marketing but also has an educator’s background. She teaches you how to get conversions, but her heart is in helping people and in helping you help them. 

I trusted her with this really important decision — it was a big leap. And it was worth every penny. ”

James Hurst, founder of Screenright, courses for aspiring screenwriters


Automate & Scale

It’s time to take your course to the next level. In this program, we’ll help you build a sustainable, evergreen system to sell your signature course so you can consistently earn $10,000+/month without working overtime.

Create a high-converting evergreen offer

Learn more

Optimize your course conversion sequence

Build your audience (without posting 82x/day)

Confidently test paid ads to increase your revenue

Maintain a balanced work schedule & enjoy your work!

“Melissa was the perfect person to teach me how to scale because she can see the big picture of what you need to do (and why!) and also see how you should optimize each individual element. 

It’s such a rare thing for somebody to be able to see the big business picture as well as understand all the technical stuff and explain it well."

Theo Nestor, creator of Platform Building 101


Email Engines

In this new course, we’ll help you systematize your email marketing so you can algorithm-proof your business and sustainably build an audience of buyers for your business. (No previous email list needed; this course includes tool recommendations and tech tutorials for all experience levels.)

Create value-packed newsletters

Join the waitlist

Publish a high-converting freebie funnel

Add 1,000+ subscribers to your email list

Build strategic automations with defined CTAs

Demystify lists, tagging, and segmentation for good

“This program was absolutely preeminent! Clear, concise, and in-depth. It allowed something that seemed difficult to accomplish become a walk in the park. Each module within the course provides step-by-step guidance. There is nothing left unturned.”

Candis Quinn, Sincerely, Brown Skin Podcast

Free resources

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The Course Creation Masterclass 💰

In this free training, you'll learn how to add $20k/mo to your business as an online course creator so you can stop trading time for money and make a bigger impact with consistent, passive income. 

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The Course Creation Toolkit ⚒️

This comprehensive free guide includes the exact equipment & software we recommend to create curriculum, record videos, and sell profitable online courses, including a side-by-side comparison of the best course creation platforms.

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