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Comprehensive Kajabi review 2024: how to create & sell online courses in Kajabi 

July 10, 2024


Melissa Guller


Transparency Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we may earn a commission if you make a purchase. This is at no additional cost to you, so it's a great way to support Wit & Wire. So thank you! Full disclosure here.

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform used by thousands of successful online business owners to create websites, sell online courses, build communities, set up email marketing, and manage their businesses.

In this blog post, we’ll take you behind the scenes of Kajabi to show you how it stands out from competitors like Thinkific, Teachable, ThriveCart, and Podia. In this Kajabi review you’ll learn how to create a website, sell online courses, and much more.

I recommend watching the full Kajabi review on the Wit & Wire YouTube channel here:

Introduction to Kajabi

Kajabi is a comprehensive platform designed to help entrepreneurs and online business owners streamline their operations. Whether you’re looking to create an online course, build a community, or manage your email marketing, Kajabi offers the tools you need in one convenient package.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-on online business platform. This means that it can do all from building a website to selling courses and email marketing, Kajabi simplifies the process so you don’t need a large tech stack.

Creating a Kajabi Account

To get started with Kajabi, you’ll first need to create an account. My unique link offers an extended 30-day free trial, which you can claim here. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll gain access to the Kajabi admin dashboard, where you can manage all aspects of your business and account.

Kajabi Admin Dashboard

The Kajabi admin dashboard is the central hub for managing your business. Here, you can access all the tools you need to create and sell your products, build your website, and manage your marketing efforts. The dashboard is user-friendly and designed to help you navigate the various features Kajabi offers.

Kajabi review 2024

Kajabi Settings

Before diving into creating your website or products, it’s essential to configure your Kajabi settings. This includes setting up your business information, customizing your branding, and configuring payment gateways. Taking the time to set up your account correctly will ensure a smoother experience as you build and grow your business.

update Kajabi settings tutorial

📹 Watch the full Kajabi review and tutorial here

Create a Website in Kajabi

Website Overview

One of Kajabi’s standout features is its website builder. With Kajabi, you can create a professional-looking website without needing any coding skills. The platform offers free customizable templates that you can use to design your site. You can also import templates if you purchase from a third party. You can add pages, customize the layout, and include your branding to create a site that reflects your business.

Landing Pages in Kajabi

Kajabi also allows you to create high-converting landing pages. These pages are designed to capture leads and drive sales. You can use landing pages to promote your opt-in, services, or any other offerings. Kajabi’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create landing pages that look great and perform well.

Kajabi website review and tutorial

📹 Watch the full Kajabi review and tutorial here

Create Online Courses in Kajabi

Creating and selling online courses is a breeze with Kajabi. The platform provides all the tools you need to design, market, and sell your courses.

You can upload your content, create modules and lessons, and set pricing options. Kajabi also includes features like quizzes and assessments to enhance the learning experience.

Build a Community in Kajabi

Kajabi’s community feature allows you to create a space where your audience can interact, share ideas, and support each other. This feature is perfect for building a loyal community around your brand.

You can create discussion boards, host live events, and foster engagement within your community.

Sell Coaching Services in Kajabi

In addition to courses, Kajabi lets you sell coaching services. You can create coaching programs, schedule sessions, and manage client interactions all within the platform.

This makes it easy to offer personalized services to your audience and manage your coaching business efficiently.

Email Marketing in Kajabi

Kajabi’s built-in email marketing tools help you stay connected with your audience. You can create email campaigns, automate sequences, and track performance.

This feature ensures that you can nurture leads, keep your audience engaged, and drive conversions without needing a separate email marketing platform.

Create Funnels in Kajabi

Sales funnels are crucial for converting leads into customers, and Kajabi makes it easy to create them. You can design funnels that guide your audience through the buying process, from awareness to purchase.

Kajabi’s funnel builder includes templates and automation features to streamline the process.

Kajabi Analytics

Understanding how your business is performing is essential, and Kajabi provides robust analytics to help you track your success. You can monitor key metrics like sales, website traffic, and email performance.

These insights allow you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your business.

📹 Watch the full Kajabi review and tutorial here

Free 30-day Kajabi Trial

I hope this Kajabi review has been helpful. Kajabi is a powerful platform that offers everything you need to build and manage your online business. Its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and scalability make it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs at any stage.

If you are already happy with your email and website platform, Kajabi may be overkill and it may be better to consider a specialist platform to manage your course.

Ready to get started? Claim your extended 30-day free trial of Kajabi here and explore all the features it has to offer. With Kajabi, you’ll have everything you need to build a successful online business in one place.

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