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Best podcast editors & podcast editing services (for any budget)

April 4, 2022


Melissa Guller


Transparency Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we may earn a commission if you make a purchase. This is at no additional cost to you, so it's a great way to support Wit & Wire. So thank you! Full disclosure here.

Once upon a time, I was a podcast editor who loved to edit her own show and take on monthly clients. But much as I still love editing, I don’t currently offer monthly retainer services at Wit & Wire. Instead, I spend my time helping students learn how to edit their own podcasts inside the Podcast Launch Accelerator Program and Essential Podcast Editing.

That’s why I wanted to put together a list of my favorite editors. These aren’t just people I’ve heard are good. These are editors that I’ve personally worked with, so I’ve vetted them to make sure they’re high-quality.

This also helps me recommend editors at different price points based on your needs. So with that in mind, here are my current favorite podcast editors.

Tier 1: Simple Podcast Editing Essentials [$15-$40 per episode]


If you just need the absolute basics – like cutting out ums and filler words, adding your intro and outro, and generally making the audio sound more professional – then you can find some very affordable options on Fiverr.

Check it out here: Fiverr (referral link to get 20% off your first purchase).

Pricing varies based on how long your episodes are, so shorter episodes will be less expensive. Also, you’ll want to note the Gig vs. Gig Extras.

  • There are often add-ons at checkout. For example, “Removing filler words” is often an add-on.
  • These might not break the bank, but it’s critical to read the fine print before purchasing any gigs.

With Fiverr, not all freelancers are created equally. I always recommend choosing gigs with many positive reviews. You can also search through gigs marked as “Top Rated Seller.”

After working with a few, here are some gigs I would recommend:

  • Ron Knight: He charges $15 for 15 min through $40 for a 60-minute episode. His quality exceeds his price.
  • Tahami Tofique: Quick turnaround, and great if your edits are all very basic

Who is this a good option for?

Fiverr has the lowest prices, so it’s a great price point if keeping a low budget is absolutely essential. But it’s a little extra work to find the right person, and I’d say that Tier 2 and up have slightly higher quality.

In other words, you get what you pay for. But if what you need is essentials, I think Fiverr can be a great option for the right person!

Tier 2: Quality Podcast Editing [$60-$100 per episode]

For episodes up to 45-60 min in raw recorded length, I’d expect to be in this price range for good to great editors. At this price point, you should expect clear audio, adding in any music and ads, removing filler words, and professional communication.

Unlike Tier 1, you can also send timestamps or other specific edits, and they’ll listen with a slightly more careful ear. (To be clear, Tier 1’s on Fiverr might do that, but you’ll have to explicitly make sure it’s listed in the Gig or as an add-on.)

What’s nice about my favorite editors in Tier 2 is that most have options for more than just editing. Packages vary by company, but check out add-ons like:

  • Show notes
  • Audiograms or graphics
  • Publishing to your hosting platform
  • Adding to your website

(Obviously adding these things will take the actual price up, but the core editing is around $50-$80/ep with these companies.)

We Edit Podcasts

We Edit Podcasts is a female-founded company I love. I’ve used them myself, and their 48-hour turnaround time is unbeatable. They do monthly plans (vs. single episodes), which I think works out better long term. (It helps you get continuity and systems in place, and there’s no long-term commitment. It’s month-to-month.)

I’ve personally had only great experiences with their team and their edits. More than any other editing agency or individual, WEP is reliable. They have never missed a 48-hour turnaround with me.

Learn more here: We Edit Podcasts Get your first episode edit for free! This is a partner link.

Podcast Engineers

Dave and his team are great, and they’re the most affordable option at this tier. They’re no frills and produce high-quality final files at a great price.

Learn more here: Podcast Engineers I have no partner deal, but they do a first free episode for any new client.

Women of Color Podcast Editors Directory

A great directory of WOC you can hire to work on your show, from editing through add-ons (show notes, audiograms, etc.) Click here to see the directory: WOC Podcast Editors

Tier 3: High Quality Editing & Full Podcast Production [$90-$150+ per episode]

If you know you want your episodes to sound top-shelf, or if you’re looking for someone to really go through your audio with a fine-tooth comb, you’ll end up paying $90-$130 per episode. And it’ll be worth it, because your episodes will sound amazing.

Wild Home Podcasting

Caroline runs a small agency of all women editors and writers to fully take podcast management off your plate, whether that means edits, adding show notes, or full management. Her team is extremely professional and reliable, and they produce high-quality work!

Learn more here: Wild Home Podcasting I’m a referral partner for Caroline. (And a friend!) Tell her I sent you 🙂

Scott Donnell

I’ve worked with at least a dozen editors personally over the past few years. Most are fine, some were awful. But one of my long-time favorites is Scott Donnell from Run & Drum Media.

He’s edited Book Smart and Everything is Teachable for years, and every client I’ve referred him to has been thrilled.

What sets Scott apart is the fact that he’ll listen fully through your episode, and if he finds small sections that aren’t essential – like a redundant sentence or two – he makes executive decisions about what to cut.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to send over timestamps to an editor, that still works with Scott. But I honestly never needed to, unless it was a major thing to remove here or there. I’ve rarely had revisions for him after a first go.

To learn more, email Scott at jsdonnell@gmail.com and tell him I sent you. I don’t get referrals, but we’re friends and he’ll recognize “Melissa Guller” or “Wit & Wire” as a connection.

Tier 4: Narrative Podcasts [$300+]

Many of the top-ranked podcasts are narrative-style. And although it’s the most time-intensive and expensive to produce, it often results in a beloved podcast and piece of creative work.

(If you want to learn more about the main formats, I recommend my Ultimate Guide to Podcast Formats: Which format is right for you?)

If you’re planning to produce a Narrative show, you’ll need an editor with narrative experience.

Lower Street

Lower Street aims to serve ambitious companies who want to make an impact and create truly high-quality audio productions. If you want a full production team and potentially a narrative partner – including not just editing, but also scripting and audio design – Lower Street could be a great fit.

A Few Additional Options

The picks above are my top choices. But here are a few other editors you could try researching.

Please note that I have NOT tried all of these personally, unlike the options above. So I can’t vouch for these, but they come highly recommended.

  • Next Day Podcast: If what you value most is a fast turnaround, Next Day does a 24-hour turnaround.
  • Just Keep Podcasting: Shannon is a one-woman business with affordable editing, and she’s extremely organized and asks the same from her clients. So she’s great if you enjoy being organized, but not if you’re a last-minute lady. (Tell her I sent you.)

Do you have another editor you’re obsessed with who I should know about? Or are you a podcast editor in the Wit & Wire community interested in joining this list? Reach out via our contact page with more details.

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