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A Podcaster's Must Listen

Melissa is the queen of podcasting. Her podcast has been essential to me in my first year of building my online presence. I’ve learned so much and have seen so much growth in my own podcast by utilizing what she teaches. So thankful to have so much great content to glean from.

The Funky Farm Girl


Truthful and Generous

Melissa is authentic and genuinely wants to help her listeners have a successful podcast. She tells the truth about what is happening the podcast world and also give implementable tips. I appreciate that I really learn something new everything I listen.

Lotus zen


A must for any podcaster!

Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran, Melissa brings to the table the most current and applicable insights.



Love Melissa!

I’m her student and she is genuine and engaging as well as extremely thorough and organized. If you’re trying to get starting with podcasting or even if you’re just curious about the industry make sure you listen to this podcast. In it, Melissa shares a wealth of valuable information to help you get started and succeed in your podcasting endeavors



This podcast is awesome!

Every time I listen to a new episode of Wit & Wire my brain feels tingly with new ways to improve my own podcast strategy. It really helps to hear Melissa interview other women who have been successful and have the chance to learn from those who are a few steps ahead. Love it!

Leslie E the ID


The best podcast on how to podcast

Podcasting can be hard and intimidating. But with Wit and Wire episodes Melissa answer all your questions from what is the best format to creating the best workflows.

One of my favorite episodes is how to promote and grow your podcast.

Marisol hctsp8

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How this True Crime podcast went viral with 200k downloads in 8 months (Jules Hannaford, Fool Me Twice)

Jules Hannaford begrudgingly turned to online dating as a last resort, after being single for more than a decade. But unfortunately, after finally meeting an eligible man, all was not as it seemed.

In her memoir and first book “Fool Me Twice”, Jules details the dangers and pitfalls she experienced in her search for love online. Then in 2019, with the help of her daughter Zara, she decided to turn her memoir into a true-crime podcast, and within eight months, they already had 200,000 downloads and counting.

Finding mentors and the big advantages of being a beginner (Kelsey Chapman, The Radiant Podcast)

Kelsey Chapman is ready to take you from dream to done.

She plays the role of personal cheerleader to an engaged audience of 100,000k followers, hosts The Radiant Podcast, and empowers and equips women through her Radiant Podcast, Dream To Done online mentorship program, and coming soon, her book “What They Taught Me: Recognizing The Mentors Who Will Take You From Dream To Done.”

Podcast interviewing tips & the power of being a podcast guest with Angie Trueblood (Go Pitch Yourself Podcast)

Podcast interviews are hugely popular, and a win/win for hosts, guests, and listeners. But what makes them so popular, and is interviewing the right strategy for you?

Today’s guest Angie Trueblood is a visibility strategist and the host of “Go Pitch Yourself.” She’s sent over 1,000 pitches (!!) mostly on behalf of her clients, so she’s an absolute pro when it comes to being a podcast guest, pitching hosts, and even being an interviewer as a host herself.

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