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5 reasons why you should start a podcast

October 12, 2019


Melissa Guller


Transparency Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we may earn a commission if you make a purchase. This is at no additional cost to you, so it's a great way to support Wit & Wire. So thank you! Full disclosure here.

It feels like everyone is starting a podcast these days, from your old coworker to your cool younger sister.

And it’s easy to see why! Podcasting keeps growing every year, and it’s the perfect medium to reach people while they’re commuting or on the go, in a way that shows off your personality.

But in truth, podcasting is just one of a dozen ways you can share your passions and skills with the internet these days. You could start a blog or a YouTube channel, for starters, or you could do something (GASP) offline! Like learning an instrument, or getting your watercolor on.

So even if you’ve thought those magic words before – “I should start a podcast!” – I want to help you understand exactly what you’ll get out of becoming a podcaster. 

Because if you’re anything like me, starting a podcast could be a huge game changer for your life or career.

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1. Starting a podcast will help establish your authority as an expert.

Back in the day, publishing a book was a badge of authority. (It still is!) 

But today, they’re no longer the only way to be seen as an expert.

Podcasting has opened the doors for more creators and professionals to be seen as authorities in their field. 

Because when you start a podcast, you’re putting a small stake in the ground that says, “I care about this thing, and I’ve got stuff to say about it.”

And as your podcast grows, your authority will grow, too!

2. Podcasting will grow your audience in new ways.

Blogging and client work are both great ways to start building your audience. And depending on your skills and passions, social media or YouTube might be great options, too.

But podcasting will take your reach to a whole new level.

Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular content medium, but it’s a surprisingly untapped space still. Sure, there are a lot of podcasts these days. But there are 10x more blogs, and probably 100x more social media accounts talking about whatever you’re interested in.

So what’s great about podcasting is that it’s a relatively new medium and a largely untapped space. This means you have the potential to reach a whole new audience in an arena where there are fewer giants.

3. Podcasting is an authentic way to network without feeling gross.

This was the biggest surprise (and benefit) I’ve personally seen as a podcaster.

When I started cold-emailing guests to come on my show, I thought I’d hear back from 10-20% at best.

After all, even though I had a pretty solid professional resume, I was an internet nobody with a brand-new podcast.

But of all 30 people I cold-emailed, guess how many said yes?

All but one.

ALL BUT ONE! That’s crazy.

But when you think about it, here’s the pitch:

“I love what you’re doing. Can I give you some free marketing?”

…starts to sound a little better, right?

When you produce a solid show in a professional way, guests will be thrilled to come talk to you! It’s great exposure for them, and great content for you and your audience.

I would have never guessed it, but podcasting has turned into one of the most authentic “networking” methods I’ve ever found. And I hesitate to even use that hated term, but it’s true. 

Podcasting has helped me meet dozens of great, new people and I’ve had countless legitimately interesting conversations (interviews). 

And beyond the mic, I’ve even befriended a few…and convinced one to start a podcast called Book Smart with me 🙂

4. Podcasting is a great way to connect with your listeners & show off your personality

One of the biggest perks of podcasting – for both the host and for listeners – is the fact that you’re listening to someone talk.

There’s something much more personal (and personable!) about listening to a conversation than you could ever really have in writing.

And I’m a huge book nerd and reader, so I have a lot of love for the written word. But there’s just something about a voice that feels intimate.

When you start listening to a podcast week after week, it really feels like you know the host, or the cohosts. And that familiarity makes it really fun to tune in every week, because it’s almost like you’re listening in on a conversation and getting to know someone better.

That kind of connection is something uniquely suited to podcasting because it’s one of the only content mediums you can experience passively.

Here’s what I mean:

You can’t read a book while you clean your apartment.

You can’t watch a video while you commute to work.

But since podcasts are audio-only, you can listen while you do something else. And that helps you get in front of your audience that much more.

5. Starting a podcast gives you the opportunity to learn more about your own topic.

As a podcaster, I have to assume you like your own podcast topic. (If you don’t, I feel like we need to have a tough convo.)

But what’s so much fun about podcasting is that you get to learn even more about something you already enjoy! Whether you’re prepping solo episodes or interviewing guests, you’ll get to expand your own perspective and knowledge. Making you even more of an expert in the process!

Watch the free, on-demand podcasting masterclass

Learn how to launch a podcast & get your first 1,000 downloads, even if you don't have a huge following, a big budget, tech expertise, or any clue where to start.


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