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10 best webinar software platforms for online business owners in 2024

May 5, 2022


Melissa Guller


Transparency Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we may earn a commission if you make a purchase. This is at no additional cost to you, so it's a great way to support Wit & Wire. So thank you! Full disclosure here.

I’ve used a lot of webinar software in my career.

Not only did I used to manage webinars for Ramit Sethi’s course launches and Teachable‘s major annual summits and promotions, but to date, webinars are responsible for $250,000+ in revenue for my business at Wit & Wire.

I’ve seen countless creators in all niches use webinars to earn 6-, 7-, and even 8-figures in annual revenue. That’s why in this post, my goal is to share why webinars are such an effective sales tool, and then to offer my Top 10 recommended webinar software platforms for coaches, service providers, and course creators who want to scale their revenue for live or evergreen webinars.

Three benefits to selling with webinars

Webinars bridge the gap between someone discovering you as a cold lead and then feeling confident enough in you and your offer to make a purchase.

Specifically, webinars do these three things well:

  1. Capture email addresses from warm leads. Unlike someone who downloads a free checklist or PDF,* anyone who registers for a free masterclass shows a higher level of interest and intent as a prospective buyer. (*Freebies are great, too. That’s just another strategy for another day.)
  2. Showcase your expertise & methods. Attendees get to see you on video, which gives you the opportunity to build trust by sharing insights, mindset shifts, and ultimately, your offer. It’s undeniable that we connect more via video than any other medium, so this is an authentic way for you to connect with your audience in a very short amount of time.
  3. Debunk fears and objections. A sales webinar is much different from a straightforward online workshop. It’s an intentionally crafted presentation that shares real value and expertise on your subject, but it also needs to address and flip any objections on your prospects have about buying. That’s what ends up converting attendees into buyers.

Live webinars vs. evergreen webinars

Live webinars are delivered live (virtually) to an audience of attendees. Usually, live webinars happen at a preset date and time, and they offer the opportunity for attendees to interact with the host in live chat or during a Q&A session.

On the other hand, evergreen webinars are previously recorded and can be viewed on-demand. Although attendees may not have the benefit of getting their questions answered live, evergreen webinars are more time-zone friendly and let more attendees watch the webinar on their own schedule. And for the business owner, it’s great to have a sales asset that you can automate instead of continuing to show up live.

Both are great options, but it’s important to note the difference because some tools excel in one and not the other. My top recommendations include both live and evergreen webinar features because I think most business owners will at least want to try both options, but I’ve also included strong specialist contenders.

Best all-around webinar software (live & evergreen)

These platforms give you the tools to run both live and automated webinars, which is what I personally do at Wit & Wire.

1. EasyWebinar

webinar software - easywebinar

EasyWebinar’s webinar software checks all the boxes for me, which is why it’s my top overall pick and what I currently use at Wit & Wire. It’s one of few platforms that excels at both live webinars and evergreen webinars, and since I use both strategies at different times, I wanted an all-in-one webinar solution.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how EasyWebinar works:

Click here to check out Wit & Wire’s full YouTube channel.

Here are some of their noteworthy features:

  • High-quality, reliable video: All webinars are broadcast in high-definition, which improves the overall quality of the experience no matter what kind of screen (cell phone, laptop, etc.) you and your attendees are sitting behind. 
  • Many integrations: I appreciate that EasyWebinar integrates directly with ActiveCampaign —my current email software provider — as well as Zapier. Anything that can simplify connections between my tools is a win in my book.
  • Advanted UTM analytics: In addition to essential webinar data – like registrants and attendees – you can really get in-depth with your analysis by exporting the .csvs which include utm tracking information. And if you’re a data nerd like me, you know how helpful that data is in tracking which sources are actually driving webinar registrants, and even which sources are driving sales for your business.
  • Chatbox for evergreen webinars: Other evergreen webinar options don’t offer the option to turn off the chatbox that appears along the side. As a result, the person watching your evergreen webinar may try to participate in the chat, and even feel frustrated if their questions aren’t being answered. So a big reason why I like EasyWebinar’s evergreen experience is because you can replace the live chat with more of a contact form (chat box), which automatically sends emails to my support team where we can follow up and answer questions.

See pricing or start a free trial with EasyWebinar here.

2. Demio

webinar software - demio

Demio is my other favorite webinar software platform, specifically because I believe it has the best overall experience for attendees, and a clean, modern interface.

  • Great attendee experience: From the automatically-generated calendar invites – which aren’t a default feature for all webinar platforms – to a nice, modern attendee experience, Demio easily gets my vote for the best attendee experience. And if it’s easy and enjoyable for people to attend, that removes friction from their potential buying process.
  • Simple presentation options: Demio makes it easy to upload all your materials to one place. This feature makes all your presentation items readily accessible and therefore makes you feel more organized while hosting. You also have the option to share your screen instead of uploading pre-created files.
  • 5 different webinar types: Demio allows you to select between five different hosting options: live, automated, on-demand, series, and hybrid. (Series webinars allow webinar hosts to create multiple webinars regarding the same topic. On-demand webinars allow you to upload a prerecorded video and make it available at any time. Last but not least, hybrid allows you to add prerecorded content to a webinar happening in real time.)

See pricing or start a free 14-day trial of Demio here.

3. WebinarNinja

10 best webinar software platforms for online business owners in 2024 5

WebinarNinja is a popular webinar software that allows you to select your webinar hosting preference: live, automated, hybrid, or series. They’re a top-rated pick from HubSpot and Neil Patel, and popular choice for many online business owners.

In addition to the standard webinar features, a few other noteworthy benefits include:

  • WebinarNinja has created a tool called Webinar Finder. When someone searches for a keyword associated with your webinar, your webinar will pop up—it’s a fantastic, easy way to secure additional attendees. 
  • This software platform makes it easy for attendees to register and, if you’re using a different strategy, you can also run paid webinars and collect payments during the registration process.
  • Their customer support is stellar. You can quickly and easily connect with a representative if you need help or have a question. 

See pricing or try the limited free plan of WebinarNinja here.

4. Livestorm

10 best webinar software platforms for online business owners in 2024 7

Livestorm helps business owners manage meetings, webinars, and other virtual events from start to finish.

  • This software platform integrates with hundreds of apps. 
  • Their analytics capabilities are impressive. Like EasyWebinar, Livestorm can provide UTM parameters, which can help you attribute registrants and buyers to specific sources.

Livestorm offers a limited free plan. Subscription-based plans start at $109/month or $99/year. For more information, visit livestorm.co

5. GoToWebinar

10 best webinar software platforms for online business owners in 2024 9

Another reliable webinar software platform, GoToWebinar gives you all the essential tools you need to host a successful webinar, whether it’s live or automated. 

  • Breakout rooms, which can be as useful as they are fun. If participants in the course you’re offering would benefit from the opportunity to divide into discussion and/or brainstorming groups, GoToWebinar’s Breakout Rooms are wonderful. 
  • GoToWebinar allows you to customize appealing landing pages in order to encourage signups. Pro tip: never underestimate the power of a landing page. 

GoToWebinar offers a 7-day free trial. Subscription-based plans start at $49/month. For more information, visit goto.com

Best webinar software for automated webinars

6. eWebinar

10 best webinar software platforms for online business owners in 2024 11

eWebinar is an automated webinar platform that combines pre-recorded video with real-time interactions and live chat to deliver a delightfully engaging experience for attendees.

Upload any video, webinar, presentation or training into eWebinar, set a recurring schedule and go live. Attendees can register and watch your webinar instantly, without waiting days or weeks, and with built-in engagements and live chat, each attendee will get a personalized, engaging experience.

All webinars can have unlimited attendees and sessions, so eWebinar charges per webinar (instead of by attendee maximum). And what sets eWebinar apart is the sheer amount of customization and interaction you can create in your automated webinars.

Add pre-populated questions, polls, downloads, tips, offers, and more that show up at the perfect time during your eWebinar. Engage attendees, collect valuable feedback, and get attendees to stay for your entire presentation. The possibilities are endless.

eWebinar offers subscription-based plans that start at $49/month. Click here to learn more about eWebinar or start a free trial.

7. EverWebinar

10 best webinar software platforms for online business owners in 2024 13

EverWebinar is an evergreen-only software platform, and they’re from the same company as WebinarJam (coming up), which only does live webinars. So between the two, you can create a complete suite of webinar types.

They’re also one of the more affordable options on this list, but unfortunately, they only offer annual plans. It makes it a bit harder to test long-term, but they do have a free 14-day trial.

Click here to learn more about EverWebinar or start a free trial.

Best webinar software for live webinars

These platforms don’t offer any features to create automated (evergreen) webinars, but most businesses start by doing live webinars, and they might automate a successful webinar after validation. So depending on your business needs, these tools could be a great place to start.

8. Zoom

10 best webinar software platforms for online business owners in 2024 15

Zoom a live-only webinar platform. It’s definitely one of the most well-known meetings and webinar hosting platforms in existence because its popularity increased during the pandemic. 

It’s noteworthy that the meeting tool is separate from the webinar tool, so they’re priced separately. The webinar tool hides attendees and doens’t allow anyone to jump in without permission. (Only presenters are on video and able to speak.) There are other features that make Zoom Webinars unique from Zoom Meetings, but if you’re already comfortable using Zoom, then Zoom Webinars could be a great choice to lower the learning curve compared to a new tool.

For more information, visit zoom.us.  

9. WebinarJam

10 best webinar software platforms for online business owners in 2024 17

WebinarJam is a live webinar software platform. As previously mentioned, WebinarJam integrates with the evergreen-only platform, EverWebinar, which means you can automatically turn a previous live recording into an evergreen webinar. 

Click here to learn more about WebinarJam or start a free trial.

10. Riverside

10 best webinar software platforms for online business owners in 2024 19

Riverside is a newer tool, and it’s better known as a podcast recording platform that specializes in high quality video. That’s why I’m including it on this list, because this software platform has superb audio and video quality. Otherwise, the features are quite different from the other options on this list, so I think it’s a great choice if you’re also using Riverside for podcasting, or if you prefer the user experience.

You can also see how Riverside works here:

Click here to check out Wit & Wire’s full YouTube channel.

Riverside offers a limited free plan. Subscription-based plans start at $15/month. Click here to learn more or start using Riverside.

Final thoughts on webinar software platforms

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, webinars have been a great way for me to connect with cold leads, build relationships with warm leads, and share genuine value in addition to pitching Wit & Wire’s online courses.

My best advice to choose a tool would be to start by writing out your own needs assessment. Ask yourself what kind of features are most important to you, and that’ll help you avoid choosing a tool just because another expert recommends it.

After that, I’d recommend starting free trials so you can get into these tools and start using them for yourself. A lot of it will come down to personal preference and which tools suit you and your goals.

I hope this post has helped you explore the best webinar software platforms for your online business, and if we aren’t already connected, you can find me online sharing more online course creation and business tips on TikTok @witandwire.

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10 best webinar software platforms for online business owners in 2024 21

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