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Learn how to submit your podcast on iTunes – now Apple Podcasts – plus tips on making sure you get approved…the first time.

How to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts (formerly on iTunes) 1
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Task lists sure are popular, but do they really help you accomplish your most important work? Here’s what I do instead to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

The problem with task lists (plus what I do instead) 3
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Podcasts are a great way to learn more about how modern businesses really work. Here are our top podcasts for female entrepreneurs and freelancers.

5 informative podcasts for female entrepreneurs and freelancers 5
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If you’re a new digital entrepreneur, coach, blogger, podcaster, or freelancer, you have a dilemma should you first build your audience…or a product?

Which comes first: your audience or your online product? 7
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Here are 5 ways that starting a podcast can change your life and business.

5 reasons why you should start a podcast 9
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Top podcasts today use one of 3 methods to choose their podcast name. We’ll walk through each method (with examples!) to help you name your podcast.

choose a podcast name
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