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Learn more about three social media platforms you can use to market your podcast.

social media marketing for podcasters
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Quality audio? Check. Great content? Check? Cover art for your podcast?! Don’t panic, I’m sharing how you can easily create an amazing podcast logo.

How to create a great podcast logo 2
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You’ve recorded a podcast, but what about producing? Editing a podcast doesn’t have to be a mystery. Get all the details in our step-by-step guide to editing.

editing a podcast
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As a new podcaster, finding your first podcast listeners can feel challenging. Here are eight top strategies, even if you’re starting with no audience.

8 strategies to find your first podcast listeners 5
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Ever wondered how podcast episodes appear automatically in Apple Podcasts on release day? The key is your podcast RSS feed. Here’s how to create one.

podcast rss feed
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Personal development podcasts offer a great way to take advantage of time spent commuting or doing household chores. Here are 6 of our favorites, including podcasts from Gretchen Rubin, Dan Harris, and a few newcomers.

6 Inspiring Personal Development Podcasts 8
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