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What should you include in your first podcast episode? (Should it be just like the rest, or is there a unique format to follow?) Here are my recommendations that any podcaster can use.

What to include in your first podcast episode 1
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Although Laurence Bradford started her business as a how-to blog, she knew that she’d need to modify the Learn to Code with Me approach for her podcast. Laurence has run six seasons of her show since its launch in 2016, and she offers some great pros and cons on the approach.

Self-taught coder passes 2.8 million podcast downloads (Laurence Bradford, Learn to Code With Me) 3
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You need a solid podcast promotion plan to boost your audience and gain authentic listeners quickly. Here are 8 tips to get you started.

8 podcast promotion tips that will boost your audience 5
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Conducting a great podcast interview doesn’t have to be hard. Just follow the tips in this blog post and you’re sure to produce a top-notch interview!

great podcast interview
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Looking for ways to improve your podcast audio? In this post, we share five tips to take your audio from amateur to professional.

improve podcast audio
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Learn more about three social media platforms you can use to market your podcast.

social media marketing for podcasters
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