Busy mom helps 15,000 fellow moms simplify and declutter (Krista Lockwood, Motherhood Simplified)

Meet Krista Lockwood, the host of Motherhood Simplified. The word “simplified” is a perfect way to describe Krista’s approach to podcasting, and one I think a lot of listeners might relate to.

In this episode, you’ll hear Krista explain how she turns her weekly Facebook Lives into podcast episodes, and how she started podcasting almost by accident. 

She does zero editing, and every episode has a disclaimer that you may hear her kids running around in the background at the start of each episode.

But loud kids haven’t stopped Krista’s business and podcast from booming. 

She has over 14,000 people in her Facebook group and over 100 thousand downloads on her podcast since her launch. And ultimately, her strategy doesn’t involve any fancy marketing, because it all comes down to something fittingly simple. Being authentic, being helpful, and being extremely relatable.

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Today’s Guest: Krista Lockwood

Krista teaches moms how to declutter so they have more time and energy for the people inside of their homes, not the stuff.

Additional resources mentioned: Zoom, Streamyard

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