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Podcast interview swaps vs. promo swaps (Podcaster Q&A with Sarah Martin) [Ep. 26]

Today I’m here with podcast host Sarah Martin. She’s tried all kinds of growth strategies to promote her podcast, but it’s been hard to figure out which are working. 

So in this episode, Sarah and I talk about YouTube collaborations, interview swaps, promo swaps, and more. But more importantly, we talk about how to measure your growth efforts, and Sarah walks away with multiple new strategies to try for her podcast.

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We cover:

  • YouTube, and if it makes sense for hosts to cross-post their shows
  • How to conduct interview swaps as a win-win for both hosts
  • Who would make a good partner for you, especially outside of your niche
  • How to run a promo swap, and how it’s different from an interview swap
  • How to measure your collaboration efforts to see which are working

Podcasting resources mentioned

Podcast Launch Checklist: Sarah kindly gave a shoutout to this checklist as the #1 tool she used to launch her podcast. (It’s free!)

Podcast Host Membership (beta mode): Join our community of active podcast hosts to help you find more listeners, hit 5- and 6-figure download milestones, and add revenue streams to your podcast.

Best Podcast Hosting Platforms: Your hosting platform is a critical tool for all podcast hosts. Sarah mentions Simplecast, which is one of my top options listed in this article. (To cut to the chase, my two 2021 picks are Buzzsprout and Captivate.)

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