Podcaster Q&A: How to prepare solo episodes (Marisol Ibarra, Here Comes the Sun)

Today I’m here with Marisol Ibarra, a Wit & Wire graduate and the host of Here Comes the Sun. 

Marisol is a first-gen graduate and professional, and her podcast covers career development, money management, and wellness for fellow first-gens. 

We’ll cover tips to prepare, script, and streamline production for both solo episodes and episodes of any format, but I think the most important question Marisol asks is, “How can I still make sure my solo episodes sound like me?”

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Top questions:

  • How can you sit down to plan your solo episode?
  • How can you practice reading from a script to make it sound less robotic?
  • What strategies can you use instead of full scripting to sound more natural?
  • What tools and strategies can you use to stay organized?

Episode references:

  • Notion: A single source for your notes, tasks, and saved articles.
  • Asana: The task management tool I personally use at Wit & Wire to stay sane and keep my podcast production organized. (Trello and ClickUp are other popular options.)
  • Planoly: Pre-schedule your Instagram content
  • Tailwind: An essential tool in my business, used for Pinterest scheduling. (Get a $15 credit.)
  • Solo Episode Example: Here’s my outline from Episode 4 as an example.

💡 If you’re looking for pre-made podcast production templates, I recommend our Wit & Wire Podcast Management Templates. We have options in Trello, Asana, Google Sheets, Airtable, and print outs. (If you’re looking for a different tool, email me.)

Connect with today’s guest Marisol:


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