• How to get your podcast on iTunes [includes Apple’s guidelines]

    podcast on itunes apple podcasts

    As podcast popularity continues to rise, getting your podcast on iTunes is as important as ever… …isn’t it? Today, there are more podcast listening apps than ever before. Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Cast, TuneIn, and of course the newest big pod-dog, Spotify. Although I’m still #teamiPhone, Androids and Pixels are growing in popularity, too. But I’m […]


  • The problem with task lists (plus what I do instead)

    task lists

    I think it’s safe to say that I have a little bit of an interest in task lists and productivity tools. (This is a safe space, right?) …ok fine, I’m an addict. I’ve tried no less than 10 task list tools and apps over the years, and I have at least half a dozen written […]


  • Which comes first: your audience or your online product?

    After watching thousands of online course businesses launch using Teachable, there’s a big question I keep coming back to. “When I’m starting something new, should I focus on building a product to sell, or an audience to sell to?” It feels like a “chicken or the egg” scenario, and I’m sure bloggers, freelancers, and online […]


  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast

    why you should start a podcast

    It feels like everyone is starting a podcast these days, from your college roommate to your cooler younger sister. And it’s easy to see why! Podcasting keeps growing every year, and it’s the perfect medium to reach people while they’re commuting or on the go, in a way that shows off your personality. But let’s […]