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As a busy business owner who does not have the time or frankly, the interest in posting 12 times a day on all social media apps, is TikTok, really the right choice for you? Or are you better off sticking with Instagram? In the comparison between TikTok vs. Instagram, the differences are deeper than I […]

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Guess who’s back (back back) with a brand new podcast concept in 2022. In this special bonus episode, I’ll offer a sneak peek behind-the-scenes into my big picture plans for 2022, including what’s in store for the new season of The Wit & Wire Podcast (coming Jan ’22). References: My new TikTok profile @witandwire Wit […]

A sneak peek into 2022 ✨ 2
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This post covers all the main components of the podcast and video recording and editing tool Descript. It also contains a Descript tutorial video which walks you through all of the features mentioned in this post.

Descript editing cover photo
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Show notes are an important tool for podcast hosts to help build an audience, engage listeners, and earn money. This post covers what podcast show notes are, how to write them, and what to include.

How to write effective podcast show notes 5
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Sponsorship is one way to make money podcasting, but it’s not usually the most lucrative. Learn how to monetize your podcast, no matter your audience size.

14 ways to make money podcasting 7
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Are you wondering about music for your podcast? Find tips for the perfect podcast sound effects and free music for podcasts!

40+ websites to find royalty-free music for podcasts (free and paid) 9
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