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A lot of aspiring podcasters are also aspiring (or current) authors. Learn how podcasting can actually help you write a book someday, including outlining and promoting.

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In April 2020, Apple reported that they’d hit one million total podcasts. One year later, they reported that they’d hit two million. Here’s what this milestone means for podcast hosts and aspiring podcasters.

The myth of 2 million podcasts: Q1 podcast industry update 2
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Instagram is a key social media channel for many podcast hosts. But is your strategy making an impact, or just costing you time and energy? In this episode, I’m joined by Instagram Sales Strategist Kara Cahill to talk about maximizing your efforts on Instagram without getting totally bogged down posting every day.  Because – spoiler […]

Quality over quantity on Instagram with Kara Cahill 4
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My most popular episode from February was, “Will Clubhouse kill podcasting?” [Ep 27] Just a week later, Clubhouse did the exact thing that I said would make the biggest difference in my eyes for podcasters. They changed their terms and conditions to allow recording in Clubhouse. So in this episode, I invited Clubhouse pro and […]

Is recording in Clubhouse worth it? (Laura Bauder, Profit From Podcasting) 6
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Brandy currently releases a weekly 40-minute episode, but she’s thinking about adding shorter mini episodes to hook more listeners. Is this an effective way to build your audience or your community? Or it just yet another thing that takes too much time? [PS: This is the cutest stock image I’ve ever gotten to use. Thank […]

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In March 2021, Apple is releasing a small but significant update to Apple Podcasts when iOS 14.5 rolls out later this month.

Instead of a button that says “Subscribe,” your podcast will instead have a button that says “Follow.”

Here’s why they’re switching, how it will affect your podcast, and what I recommend doing moving forward

Apple Podcasts switches from "Subscribe" to "Follow" 9
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